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For years she had endured the humiliation and hatred of the British. Now she would be their queen

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After difficult years, the wife of King Charles was relatively accepted by the royal court and among the British. Before that, she experienced a real hell, although many people think that it is well deserved.

Was the situation really that black and white? The answer is no.

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Being a royals is a series of privileges and a life detached from reality that could be considered fairy-tale. In fact, living in the royal family is not easy, and above all it means many requirements. Fossilized and meaningless, although they are being “eliminated” more and more.

Karol and Camilla Shand met when they were just in their 20s in 1970. It was love at first sight, they became a couple almost immediately. Thus, Charles was the reason for the break-up with her then boyfriend, the English military Andrew Parker Bowles. However, the lovers did not obtain the approval of the mother of the future king. There was one reason: Camilla was no longer a virgin, and the future queen on her wedding day must have been. Elizabeth wanted to cool their emotions by sending Karol on a one-year military mission. And the haunted prince, brought up with a sense of devotion to the crown, meekly obeyed the order, although he was said to have been broken-hearted. Camilla had no hope that anything would change in their case. She got down with her previous partner and they got married.

Charles was devastated by this information. However, he was not going to break contact.

He still wanted to be close to her, even if it was just friendship. They called each other, wrote, and had constant discussions because they had many common passions and a similar sense of humor. Queen Elizabeth saw this and pressed on quick finding of a bride. Of course a virgin. In an almost casting process, the young Diana Spencer was selected. On the day of the wedding, she was only 20 years old, he was 32. Charles, when asked if he loved his wife, replied with a sad smile: Whatever love means. On the royal wedding day of Diana and Karol in 1981, in front of 750 million viewers, Karol I Kamila exchanged sad glances, and Diana did not look like a happy bride.

It did not live in the heart of Charles, but it did in the hearts of the British. A lot.

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People identified with Diana, enjoyed her accessibility, sensitivity and breaking patterns. The two sons of the princely couple were born, but Diana knew her husband was continuing the affair. She had huge mental problems and was lonely. In the end, the media revealed Charles’s spicy conversations with his lover, Diana publicly said that there were always three people in her marriage, and then Camilla became the most hated woman in Britain and even other countries. There was a divorce, and the situation escalated with the tragic death of Lady Di, for whom Kamila was also blamed. The fact that the driver of the car she was driving was really drunk, the alcohol level in his body was three times higher than the limits allowed in France, she was not wearing a seat belt, and they also exceeded the speed limit twice, fell to the background. And then the media campaign broke out again, and so did it threats, intimidation, tracking, throwing insulting stones at the windows of the house, windows had been broken in her car, and paint was poured over it.

They had to go into hiding for many years. In principle, no one at the royal court accepted them.

Nevertheless, Camilla’s relationship with Karol somehow survived and in 2005 they got married in civil law. It was also accepted by William and Harry who were witnesses.

-She is a great woman. It makes our father happy, and that is the most important thing for us. William and I love her.

These are the words of Prince Harry right after his wedding. Queen Elizabeth did not attend. Kamila remained in the shadows, although outside the media she is extremely active in charity. Elizabeth II accepted Camilla with time. Apparently, they were especially brought closer by the pandemic, when they even started talking to each other through Zoom. Finally, there was a turning point, during the jubilee of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth, in a public announcement she said:

It is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as “Queen Consort” as she continues her loyal service

Kamila is famous for its sharp tongue. To the photographer Vogue, she said good morning:

I’m sorry you have to photograph the old bat this morning.

She is extremely well-read, intelligent, energetic and direct. Her relationship with Karol looks harmonious. And it can be said that even if it aroused great reluctance, it was it is surely a great love story that has been going on for 52 years now.

Source: Gazeta

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