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With the ticket in hand for the Daddy Yankee concert in Guayaquil, this is how fans stayed in the parking area of ​​the Modelo Alberto Spencer stadium

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While inside the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium the music rumbled, several incidents arose outside, including robberies, failed attempts to enter, although according to several testimonies dozens of attendees did succeed in the so-called slam of the door and complaints from people who had their tickets and did not manage to enter the concert of daddy yankee.

After 7:30 p.m., the almost infinite line of attendees disappeared to enter the parking area of ​​the enclosure, where the control personnel of the different locations were placed, however, not everything was calm, because for several moments the people they began to run in their desperation to try to enter through the different accesses.

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Emergency call! This is how the atmosphere is lived outside the Alberto Spencer stadium where Daddy Yankee will sing

The personnel designated for security tried to keep the riots under control, containing the fences, which on several occasions were circumvented by people.

“Open the door” either “we want to enter” it was heard repeatedly at the entrance doors, but the most notable chaos was from 9:30 p.m., since from that time the possibility of entering was nil, the attempt to enter was repetitive, but impossible, the doors were banged heavily and in this situation, members of the National Police mounted on horses stood in front of the people to disperse them, they even used tear gas, according to the attendees.

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In this context, the anger, disappointment and indignation were being perceived more in the public, mainly for those who had their tickets in their hands. Almost on the verge of tears and without words to express his annoyance is how he was Johanna Guzmanwho said that she felt “scammed, disappointed, cheated, outraged”, because she could not enter with her group, which included her two cousins ​​and two friends. They had tickets to the town we are street

“A mockery from the beginning of the organization. From the beginning that the tickets were published, from the beginning of the platform, but it was said that this was organized from 3:00 p.m., we did not imagine finding all this, look how people are still entering and for all that people did not open us… Here we are waiting an hour for them to open this town and they told us: ‘don’t make a fuss, they are going to open, they are going to open’ for nothing, to put a lock on the inside and these people were forgotten “, Indian.

Along with Guzmán was Roxana Parrales, who said that they arrived at 3:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. they were in the parking area to line up for them, while her two friends who arrived at 9:00 a.m., these last two in the end did not manage to enter and preferred to go home. “This was a collapse that could not be entered. Those who entered were those who were in the door slam, a lot of people who didn’t have tickets, pushed and everything, and forced their way in. (My friends) have already left because the gendarmes started throwing gas, they started frightening us with the horses. We stayed with my sister and my cousin until the last to see if they would have compassion for the people we have spent on entry and that they are not going to return the money to us”, commented Parrales very upset.

Parrales had no hope of getting his money back. “We can’t do anything, because we talked to a boy who was from the guardianship with a green shirt and the only thing he said: ‘it’s not my fault, because the ones who have to do it there are the logistics, it’s full inside and here already cannot be let in’, but what is our fault that there has been four slams and that a few people have entered without tickets, those of us who have tickets, what will happen to us, are 200 dollars (each 25) that the tickets cost, “he said.

Contrary to Parrales, Guzmán hopes that his money will be returned, “but we will see what story they come up with, we hope that they will return it.”

Daddy Yankee fans in the parking area of ​​the Alberto Spencer Stadium. Photo: Carmen Carchi

The case was not very different for Franklin Quezadathey were between ten and they had the tickets for the locality box that pulls forward, which had a value of 215 each. He commented that they arrived at the parking area at 8:00 p.m. to go to where they should line up for his location, but when they were there an incident occurred. “They knocked down the door, but there were few people, it was a manageable issue, we stayed calm, obviously the people were accumulating, all the lines were filled, three or four seats enter this door (1). Well it’s been half an hour, 40 minutes and they didn’t solve it. I personally went to look for ten policemen who were here, I told them to go organize the people, because in my opinion this was solved in only one way, they made a single line and whoever had a ticket went through, easy…” , he recounted.

According to Quezada, the problem was that “the police tried to do it, (but) they did it poorly, (besides) no one from there showed their faces, no one from the organization came to say, we have two and a half hours here, and no one has come out to say we are going to open the door, we are going to do something, nothing. The police already organized us, they came with horses, we made a single file, but no one opensthey went looking for someone and no one opened…”, said Quezada, who commented that he plans to file a complaint, “it will touch me, I have no other choice, they have to return my money”.

Near Quezada was a group, ten in all, who they came from Cuenca. Her tickets were for a box that I pulled forward. They indicated that they arrived at 19:30. “We passed a thousand filters, they crushed us, they threw everything away (referring to the tear gas, according to the attendees), I am terrified of horses, I started to cry… What the Police told us is that at 7:00 p.m. tumult of 600 people and they threw down the door (1) and it was already full”, commented one of the members of the group.

“All of us who had the entrance that return us at least the money. Here is the proof that we did not enter”, they pointed out, and indicated that they plan to sue.

At 5 and 10 dollars, seats are offered in line to enter the Daddy Yankee concert in Guayaquil

Lorraine Peralta She went with a group of eleven people, with her 12, and they also bought a box to pull forward. While she was queuing, a piece of the ticket was ripped off because of the number of people. “I was standing in line one, which is the one that corresponded to me, they steal my piece of the ticket and at the door they tell me that they are not going to let us in and that I should go to line two, then I go to row two, but they don’t open it either,” said De Peralta.

It is not a cheap ticket, we are paying 215 for each ticketSo it’s not fair,” said Juliana de Jarrín, who was with De Peralta.

Near them was Efrain Perez, who said that he had spent “more than 4,000 dollars, I have shown them and they will not let me in,” he asserted. He bought 20 tickets for a box that he pulled forward.

Why didn’t they let him in? “That the organizers closed the door…”, responded Pérez, who said that he arrived at 7:00 p.m. “All of us here at legendaddy and pull forward have paid and we can’t get in… Who is going to answer me for this? I’m leaving, but who answers me, they open one side, they give benefits to others, there was resale of tickets… We all get together to have a nice time and look what they do to us. Bad organization, they pretend to organize well, but it’s poorly organized, everything at the entrance…”, stated Pérez, who added there were robberies, “they cut off a girl’s wallet and took it away”, he affirmed.

For Daddy Yankee’s concert in Guayaquil, a businessman guarantees security, but asks that attendees collaborate to avoid incidents

Another attendee, who preferred to omit her name, indignantly reported that for the concert invited his five children and bought box tickets that he pulled forward. They were a group of ten people. “Avoiding the tumult, I said: ‘let’s go later to enter quietly’, so that the doors would be closed for me. My children asked me, I have given tickets to my children and their wives and husbands, to do this to me… They pushed me, they mistreated me with the ticket in my hand, this cannot be possible, this is a joke . I arrived at 9:00 p.m., this started at 10:00 p.m. and if you have a ticket, you can enter even at eleven at night, because you have paid, they have not given it to me … ”, he pointed out. .

Probably the resignation of no longer being able to enter was for some when the clock marked past 10:45 p.m., while others remained at the different doors with the hope and from this same group there were those who approached door ten and nine (entrance to gasoline) to at least listen to Daddy Yankee, because the sound was better there. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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