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This eye make-up completely changes your look! Inverted cat’s eye

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Cat’s eye is probably one of the most recognizable makeup trends. It guarantees a wow effect, adds expressiveness and aggressiveness. It is perfect for larger events and suits almost any type of beauty. Top make-up artists came up with a new interpretation of this type of makeup: an inverted cat’s eye.

Cat’s eye on the other way around. Original and seductive effect

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The inverted cat’s eye is based on the same technique as the prototype, a strong dark line made with eyeliner or eyeliner is important. While in the traditional cat’s eye it runs along the upper eyelid and its end is extended upwards, then in the inverted variant we focus on the lower part of the eyelid. You need to draw a line on it and draw its end upwards. The upper eyelid remains almost intact, although we can apply a light flesh shadow on it. The inverted cat’s eye does the job, however focus on the lower eyelid.

Not only a black cat’s eye. It’s worth going crazy with the colors

The classic choice will be black pencil or eyeliner, but you can also go for crazier colors, such as turquoise or purple. Those that emphasize the color of the iris will be a great choice. An important part of an inverted cat’s eye is properly mascaraed eyelashes, thickened but not stuck together. The eye make-up is so expressive that a delicate flesh-colored or slightly pink lipstick will be a perfect complement. It is worth remembering that an inverted cat’s eye, just like a classic one requires the use of high-quality cosmetics, preferably waterproof. The line on the eye should be clear and not smudge under the influence of temperature or moisture.

Source: Gazeta

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