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Do you want to impress the class even in the summer?  Your wardrobe must have these 3 elements

Do you want to impress the class even in the summer? Your wardrobe must have these 3 elements

During high temperatures and holidays, we do not have to give up elegance. It’s worth getting to know the elements that add class, but are also perfect for the summer. These three are a guarantee of the wow effect.

What do we associate with class? Often it is a suit, a white shirt and spectacular timeless accessories. It might seem that in the summer they will not be very comfortable or appropriate. If we focus on their holiday alternatives, then also wearing comfort.

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A linen shirt is chic at its best. It has several uses

Linen is the perfect fabric for summer. It is airy, absorbent, and at the same time gives a slight cooling effect on the skin, which is why fans of white shirts should be interested in their linen versions. A white linen shirt looks very stylish, it goes well with various styles. It will perfectly complement beige palazzo pants or shorts. It can also be a great cape for a dress or bathing suit. Interestingly, the delicate crease only adds to its charm.

Holiday suit. Elegance reinvented

We can wear the suit without hesitation also in the summer and every day. However, let’s approach it anew, adapting it to the prevailing conditions. We exchange elegant trousers for shorts above the knee with a marked crease. It is worth betting on fabrics such as viscose and linen. This is the best summer outfit, full of elegance and casual charm.

The last element of an elegant holiday style is a scarf or scarf. Sometimes we forget how beautiful it looks and effectively enhances the styling. It is associated with the 60s and Audrey Hepburn, so it has a bit of a retro touch. We can wear it tied around the neck or on the head, treating it as protection against the sun. The more colorful, the better!

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