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Home methods that will help in the fight against varicose veins. They are proven and safe

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Varicose veins is a problem that largely affects women. Women with cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women are particularly at risk. Fighting them should be multi-track. First of all, you should immediately contact a doctor who will select the appropriate pharmacological treatment – most often with the help of tablets and ointments. This is the most important step from which we should start treatment. Only later is it worth helping with home remedies.

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How do varicose veins arise? These factors favor their appearance

Varicose veins of the lower extremities arise as a result of damage to the venous valves. Their inoperability can be caused by many factors – lack of exercise, prolonged sitting or standing position, rheumatic injuries, overweight or genetic predisposition these are just a few of them. They are manifested by a feeling of heaviness, bluish changes on the skin and its burning sensation, leg pain and swelling.

Home remedies are effective support in the fight against varicose veins

Home remedies will effectively complement the treatment prescribed by the doctor and make the problem with varicose veins less troublesome. What is worth knowing about?

  • remember about a diet rich in products containing B, C, PP, E and silicon. Bet on vegetables and fruits, give up processed foods and alcohol.
  • Increase your physical activity – choose cycling, swimming and stretching exercises.
  • Make sure you lift your feet above the level of your thighsin the case of sedentary work, it is worth getting a footrest.
  • If you have a sitting or standing job, don’t forget to move your feet every now and then, preferably by swinging them in the air.
  • Take care of the appropriate body weight.
  • Avoid the sauna, solarium and hot baths. Instead of this use alternating showers of cold and warm water.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and high heels.
  • Stock up on compression tights.

Herbs will also help in the fight against varicose veins

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Start drinking or using herbs that have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Reach for horse chestnut extractwhich works well for varicose veins of the lower extremities, improves the blood supply to the skin and muscles, and strengthens the vessels. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties. We can use it in the form of herbal teas, ointments, cream and tablets. In the treatment of varicose veins on the legs, the following will also help: arnica basket, blueberry fruit, witch hazel leaf and marigold flower.

Source: Gazeta

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