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Marcin Rogacewicz was the star of TVP and Polsat series. Today he runs a greengrocer

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Marcin Rogacewicz in 1999 joined the cast of “For good and for bad” as Przemek Zapała. Later, his serial output also included such productions as: “Agents”, “Szpilki na Giewontcie”, “Friends” or “The Crown of Kings”. During the pandemic, when many productions stopped shooting, the actor decided to open the “At the Actor’s” grocery store. She is happy to promote it on her Instagram:

Marcin Rogacewicz made his dream of a shop come true, but he did not quit the stage altogether

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As he said in an interview with the “Rewia” magazine, running a vegetable store has been his dream for a long time, and now he allows him to support his family (they have four children with his wife), regardless of whether there are new roles. However, he did not stop working on the price. Recently, he shared with his fans a photo from rehearsals at the Komedia Theater in Warsaw. On the theatre’s website you can find information that Rogacewicz is currently playing in the musical comedy “Attractive Widow” directed by Tomasz Dutkiewicz.

The show is intended for adults and is based on a true story. What is he talking about? The description reads: “The story begins when the charming, aggressive and optimistic Bobby50 + loses her longtime husband. In an instant, her life falls off the beaten, routine and comfortable paths of a prosperous existence among the cream of New York escort and begins to resemble a roller coaster ride, but without Bobby becomes a widow in an instant, but this role does not suit her well …

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Should she mourn her husband for the rest of her life, staring at his golden-framed photo suspended in a luxurious penthouse overlooking Central Park, or should she try to make a new life for herself? But how can she do it, since she had lived the last thirty-few years of her life with her husband’s life – the only man she had? Bobby is trying to radically change everything in his life – with sex at the fore … “Apart from Rogacewicz, the cast includes Katarzyna Jamróz, Katarzyna Żak, Aneta Teodorczuk and Robert Rozmus.

There is a break of several years in the actor’s filmography, but in 2021 the series “Tatuśkowie” premiered, in which he plays alongside Bartłomiej Kasprzykowski, Kacper Kuszewski and Phillipe Tłokiński.

Source: Gazeta

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