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Everything you need to know about the locations of the Daddy Yankee concert in Guayaquil; more than 32,000 people are expected to attend

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Tonight is the big concert ‘The last lap world tour’ of daddy yankee in the stadium Model Albert Spencer, in whose exteriors there are already people who from early hours of the day keep their posts. Well, the organization assured that it will open the doors of the stadium at 3:00 p.m.

What streets can be taken to avoid being trapped in the avenue of the Americas by Daddy Yankee’s concert

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Moises Barrios, project manager of this concert, mentioned to this newspaper that the appearance of the ‘Big Boss’ on the Guayaquil stage is scheduled for approximately 9:00 p.m.. Before, the Colombian Beele will be in charge of opening the concert. In addition there will be special guests by Daddy Yankee.

Daddy Yankee will sing on this stage tomorrow, in his last concert in Guayaquil. Photo: The Universe

The manager showed that the security of each location is being reinforced, to prevent attendees from skipping their posts, as it happened in the concert of Wisin y Yandel, in Guayaquil. There are fences and walls that are being installed in the stadium. “We are going to have a significant amount of fencing, with division between the localities; high walls to prevent people from being able to access this from moving from one locality to another…”, said.

“We are creating oxygenation zones in the stands so that people are calm. That the agglomeration is not a reason to generate discomfort”, he added.


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A capacity is planned for “a little more than 32,000 people” in the stadium. Each of the eight localities will enter through a different access point, with the purpose of safeguarding order.

The closest town is ‘Legendaddy Box’ which is a few meters from the main stage. According to the Central Tickets page, this town has a capacity for 136 boxes and its ticket was priced at $2,600 for the full box. Entrance gate: Gate 13.

These are the measures that the organization takes to protect the safety of Daddy Yankee’s concert

next is ‘Box that pulls forward’ With a capacity for 180 boxes, this location had a cost of $2,150 per box. The following locations are also stage and were ‘Hard Box’ Y ‘Box Breaks’, with a cost of $1,700 and $1,250 for the full box. Entrance door: Door 1.

As announced by the organizers at a past press conference, the boxes would count with exclusive bathrooms and a waiter service They will have drinks for the attendees. In this space all positions are numbered.

The next town is ‘limbo chair’, with a capacity for 2640 people; his ticket was worth $95.00. Access door: doors 7 and 8.

The seats installed in the stands are ‘Emergency call’to the right of stadium and ‘Gasoline’ to the left of the stage; each had a value of $60.00 and $45.00 respectively. Entrance door: door 2 and 3.

The cheapest location was ‘We are street’ with a capacity for 8,356 people, it is located in the center and its cost was $25.00. Entrance gate: gates 4, 5, and 6.

Graphing of locations for the Daddy Yankee concert in Guayaquil.

According to what was explained by the project manager, each attendee will go through three filters: one to validate the tickets, another for the distribution of seats and the last one to finally enter the stadium.

“The first filter consists in which the person who is going to enter or go through the first door is only the person who has a physical ticket. Ballot validation will be done to see if it is real. Once you pass that filter you will find the lane with nine access points, where I know will read the QR code where we will validate again that the ticket is correct and that it was acquired through authorized channels. After this we will go to a second filter where the distribution of seats will be done… the last filter will already be inside the stadium”, Barrios detailed to this newspaper.

remembered that Central Tickets It no longer has tickets for sale, so it advised against purchasing tickets.

The manager stated live for this newspaper that security will be made up as follows: around 400 private security personnel, 250 logistics people and additional the National Police has provided approximately 100 officials who will be collaborating outside and inside the stadium. (YO)

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Source: Eluniverso

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