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How do I wash a down jacket so that it will last for years? Simple step-by-step instruction

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Down jackets are the basis in our winter wardrobes. They are extremely warm, functional and can be worn with everything. However, they can easily get dirty during autumn and winter walks. They are covered with dust, dirt and can even ooze bad smells. Instead of taking your jackets to the laundry, wash them yourself. We advise you on how to wash a down jacket so that it retains its original appearance.

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How to wash a down jacket? Step by step instruction

Down jackets require proper care and gentle washing. If we do not take care of them, we will quickly find out that we will need to buy a completely new model. Before you put the jacket in the washing machine, make sure that the device is clean of any residual powder residues. What are the next steps?

  1. Choose a detergent designed for washing down clothes.
  2. Prepare the jacket for washing. Empty pockets, fasten all zips and buttons.
  3. Set the washing machine to the appropriate cycle. Be guided by the label on which manufacturers put information about the type of materials and the temperature at which the model should be washed. If you have removed it by accident, be sure to select a gentle cycle, e.g. hand wash with extra rinse and set the temperature to 30 degrees C.

How to dry a down jacket. Remember these rules

Drying is also an important issue. Don’t worry if it has lost its volume after being removed from the washing machine. Proper drying will make it regain its previous version. You can use a tumble dryer, but remember that the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees C. You can also spread a wet jacket on an ordinary dryer in a well-ventilated room. The complete drying process, however, may take some time. Remember to shake off and pat your jacket every few hours.

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