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Not only Cameron Diaz or Jackie Chan. These stars started out with adult films

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Many famous actors had to start with adult. Some say that this role is no different from others, the rest would like to forget this fact. Do you know who we are talking about?

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These actors started out with adult films. In the beginning, they were unlucky with production

The movie “She’s No Angel”, in which Cameron Diaz starred in 1992, presents the so-called veiled pornography. The author of the pictures (John Rutter) wanted to sell them in 2003, but Diaz demanded that the material be prohibited. However, the video finally found its way to a Russian website. While Rutter denied being behind it, he was sentenced to over three years in prison for attempted theft, forgery and perjury.

also has a role in an erotic movie. He starred in the production of “Wieczorek u Kitty i Studa”, for which he received $ 200. – I could have done it or robbed someone. I’ve run out of options. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked two days, grabbed $ 200, and got out of the bus station. – “.

Celebrities who have starred in 18+ movies. “Even Marlon Brando has exposed his body in the movies”

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Jackie Chan’s career was not shrouded in roses. After the death of Bruce Lee, with whom he collaborated, he could not find a job. When he was offered to play “All in the Family” in 1975, he immediately agreed. Jackie Chan admitted that he is not ashamed of the role. “Even Marlon Brando has exposed his body in the movies,” he said.

David Duchovny starred in the erotic series “Red Slipper Diary” before becoming an agent of Fox Mulder in “The X-Files”. He played the role of Jack Winters, who lost his fiancée and wanted to learn about the passionate stories of various women. Not all fans of the actor also know that in 2008 he treated himself from addiction to sex and pornography in a drug addiction clinic.

One of the later stars of the series “Friends” could also be seen in the same movie. Matt LeBlanc also starred in “Red Slipper’s Diary.”

Source: Gazeta

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