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Wojciech Chmielarz: Mathematics is useful when writing. I don’t like separation: someone is a good humanist, someone is a word

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– The pandemic changed our society. I cannot pretend in the next book that it does not exist – replies Wojciech Chmielarz when asked why he decided to raise this topic in “Long Night”. In the book, he returns to the figure of Jakub Mortka, which is why we also talk, among others, about how this hero was born in the writer’s imagination.

Wojciech Chmielarz: The ability to think strictly and logically, especially in crime fiction, is very important

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“A long autumn night in Warsaw. A man who is a witness in the murder case is waiting for another interrogation at the Warsaw Police Headquarters. What has he said so far? What has he hidden? What does he refuse to admit? A young girl goes out to the street for the first time in her life to earn a living. He hesitates constantly, but he needs money for his little son. Who will he meet tonight? What decision will he make? A man walks around town in a white all-terrain car who knows this is his last night on the loose. only one goal. To kill as many people as possible. Who else will fall victim to him? And there is also Commissioner Jakub Mortka, who is facing the greatest challenge in his life. And the people closest to him are at stake. “To save them? It will be a long night. For all of them. The most important night in their lives” – we read in the description of the novel “Long Night”. However, we talk with its author not only about criminal topics, but also about the fact that fatherhood is an important element in this book.

Wojciech Chmielarz is also a writer known for his great involvement in social media and the podcast “Zbrodnia na Monday”. So we could not miss these topics. We also talk about how to start journalism from thinking about a polytechnic and then become a writer of crime fiction. Chmielarz says:

The ability to think strictly and logically, especially in a crime fiction, is very important (…). Math is useful when writing. I don’t like separation: someone is a good humanist, and someone is a science teacher.

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In the second of the series of interviews with writers who can also be listened to as the podcast “Read Good, Read Well” by Publio.pl, we could not help but raise the topic of Mortka’s return. Is the sixth part the last? It turns out that no – the commissioner will not keep waiting for himself as long as the last time. As for the screening of “Wyrwa”, we can expect it in cinemas next year. The cast: Tomasz Kot, Grzegorz Damięcki and Karolina Gruszka.

Source: Gazeta

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