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Bruce Willis has sold his “face”. It will come back to the screens, but in a different form

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The actor announced the end of his career in March. He struggles with aphasia, a state of permanent damage to the brain structures, which translates into problems with memory and impaired speech ability. However, it turns out that Bruce Willis has sold the rights to his “digital twin” created by artificial intelligence.

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Bruce Willis can stay with us forever

The Telegraph reports on this extraordinary decision, which Bruce Willis made over a year ago. The type of his image (a kind of digital copy) will be used in movies and commercials thanks to artificial intelligence that will recreate his voice and appearance.

The famous actor is the first Hollywood star in history to sell the rights to his image in the form of a likeness or “digital twin” – thanks to deepfake technology, another actor will be able to “impersonate” Willis.

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An actor’s face has already been digitally matched once to another actor. Deepcake did this in a TV ad in 2021. The actor appeared in the footage without being on the set.

This is how he commented on the decision on his website:

I liked the precision with which my character was recreated. It’s a mini-film in my typical action comedy genre. For me, this is a great opportunity to go back in time to my youth. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, even when I was on a different continent, I was able to communicate, work and participate in the making of a movie. This is a very new and interesting experience for which I would like to thank the entire team.

Currently, specialists from Deepcake are creating a digital “version” of it, which will be used in advertising for phones. This is just the beginning of experimenting with this technology, but we can expect a new movie starring Willis to be announced soon.

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