in this afternoon Show corporate hackers In between, ‘The interrogation’ was broadcast Caroline Jaume And Leonardo Quezadabetter known as ‘Lacito’.

In the face-to-face conversation, the journalist admitted how difficult it is for him to share the same space with her, so much so that on one occasion he met with the production to ask to send him back to the Methine In Touch. “I regret having to share with a person who has insulted me for months without any need,” Quezada said.

He remembered the time on a red carpet that Jaume publicly accused him of bad breath and insulted him by telling him so he was carrying her bags.

The actress explained that all her anger started when the journalist conducted an interview with her ex-husband’s lawyer, while according to her, the lawsuit had not yet been filed. “I was offended that the note came out with the headline ‘Carolina Jaume jailed again for defamation’ when she wasn’t even charged.”

Quezada, for his part, reaffirmed that he considered Jaume to be a person who is inconsistent and has mental blackouts, and defended himself by saying that he always goes to the source for all his reports.

On set, Jaume thought about this interrogation. “We would have solved so many problems if we both called…”, said the actress, who indicated that she believed that she could correct a few things in that interrogation.

Jaime finally admitted his mistake. “Neither you nor anyone else deserves such a thing.” she said with tears in her eyes, referring to what happened on the red carpet.

To which the journalist replied: “The same tears you shed today, I shed that night after that red carpet, with a phone call I had to make to my mom who doesn’t live with me”

For his part, he also apologized. “If I’ve ever offended you, I apologize”.