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There is already a trailer for a movie about the Depp and Heard trial. Leaves a lot to be desired

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. Mark Hapka (“Parallels”) as Depp and Megan Davis (“Bones”) as Heard star. In addition to Hapka and Davis, “Hot Take” also features Melissa Marty (“Unit 19”) as Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, and Mary Carrig (“Law & Order True Crime”), who plays Elaine Bredehoft – Heard’s lawyer.

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The trailer is here and it tells us a lot what the movie will be

After the trailer, it can be assumed that the creators want to present both sides of the conflict evenly. We see Hapka as Depp saying, “This is not life – no one should go through this.” From Davis’ role as Heard we can hear: “I have the right to say what happened to me.”

We also find a reference to a trend from TikTok that was hot during the trial. Users in the videos mocked Heard’s emotional testimony. In one of the scenes you can see a girl who is recording a video and uttering words like the spring trend from a well-known app: “Girl just wants some attention!”.

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The movie was produced at a very rapid pace since the end of the case. Adam Lewinson from Tubi explained that the creators wanted to capture the current view of history, in which this case has become an important event in culture. He added that they want to create a unique image of what millions of people until recently observed every day in the press and on the Internet.

After the trailer, you can see that the rush was not in favor of this production. The director of the film is Sara Lohman (“Good Satan”) and unfortunately she is not the second Wong Kar Wai, who in less than three months created the world-renowned film masterpiece entitled “Chungking Express”.

“Hot Take” will be released on September 30 on the Tubi streaming platform, which is available in the United States. So far, it is not known whether the film will be officially made available in Poland.

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