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What happened to the cat that was prowling in a room at the Teodoro Maldonado hospital? He has been rescued, but is looking for a permanent home

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In recent days, the video of a cat white with yellow spots wandering disoriented inside an intensive care room at the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo hospital of the IESS (south of Guayaquil) became news viral on social media.

The event surprised and especially alerted the public, because the pussycat ventured into a place where recovering patients rest inside.

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A cat entered the intensive care room where patients remain at the Teodoro Maldonado hospital

According to information from the health house, the environment has already been disinfected, as “permanently is done in this areato guarantee the levels of asepsis and care required by internees”.

And as for the animal, raided the place allegedly last weekend, has already been removed from the premises. And also it is in a safe place, for those who are wondering what happened to him. the citizen Elian R. He is giving him shelter temporarily, and at the moment the kitten has been put up for adoption, because his rescuer sadly cannot shelter him, that’s why he is looking for an owner.

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Apparently, the cat had already been observed in the hospital area, Eliana recalls. This is how he rescued him:

“My mom saw it before it was on the news. She works there and says that she always cried in her office, she recorded it and took photos when she was younger and we tried to find her owner, but it was complicated, nobody wanted it”, regrets the rescuer, clarifying that she already has five kittens and a dog, which that makes it impossible for you to have an additional pet.

The cat that entered an intensive care room at the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo Hospital (IESS) is looking for a home. Photo: Courtesy

“Then on the news I recognized him, I knew it was him. It made me very sad to see that news,” she recalls. “I told my mom that the kitten needs company love, (that’s why) he had gone up three floors from the patio on the ground floor.”

Precisely on the night of Wednesday, September 28, Eliana and her mother went to the hospital for a medical examination. “We wrapped him in a coat and took him, he did not run, nor did he do anything to escape,” she says, although she noticed that because of his stray status, the cat is sometimes scared. “You try to pet him and he crouches down as if he’s going to expect a hit.”

Apparently, the kitten was prowling around the hospital area and surrounding offices. Photo: Courtesy

He also realized that the little animal is lame, although he eats and plays normally. “With his little face he says it all. He is looking for company, that is why he went up there (to the intensive care ward), he likes to be around people”.

For those who are interested in becoming a permanent family for this kitten, you can contact Eliana, this is her number: 098-954-4632.

Source: Eluniverso

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