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How can I get rid of limescale on the shower glass? You will get a long-lasting effect for as little as PLN 1.30

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Limescale can build up on a shower cubicle for a number of reasons. It is not always a matter of hygiene, but you should pay attention to the fact that the cabin should be cleaned regularly. We wash off the dirt – so bacteria can accumulate in the bathroom. We present a simple trick to get rid of limescale for as little as PLN 1.30.

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We suggest how to get rid of limescale in a shower cabin. Start with being systematic

Systematic cleaning of the shower cubicle with proven methods will make you the cabin will become more resistant to any contamination. After each use, you should thoroughly rinse the walls, and above all, the resulting soap, shampoo or gel residue. Limescale can be deposited due to the type of water, but there are many causes. Below we suggest how to get rid of it for longer.

How to get rid of limescale from a shower cabin the cheapest? This trivial trick works!

A special pulp made of baking soda is a reliable and the cheapest way. This product can be found in almost every kitchen and its use is diverse. From cleaning the toilet bowl to removing stubborn stains. We sometimes add it to plump pancakes, and in this case we will clean the shower cubicle from stone. All you have to do is mix baking soda with water and wait for the so-called foam. Foaming soda means that the chemicals are already active and the product is ready to fight limescale and dirt. The resulting foam is best applied with a sponge on the shower walls. By rubbing it, you will see the dirt disappear. The price of one is about PLN 1.30. There are many companies on the market, you can also buy soda in larger packages.

What to do after applying the soda foam? A clean shower cubicle requires polishing

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To avoid streaks on the shower, you can use a special water squeegee after applying the soda foam. The soda foam should linger on the sides for a good few minutes. After gently rinsing the walls of the shower with the handset, use the squeegee then Wipe the walls with quick, circular movements, e.g. with a paper towel. Use in the dishwasher for better results.

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