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This will be the Oktoberfest party proposed by the Ecuadorian-German Chamber in its third edition

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as well as for Ecuador October remembers the commemoration of the national coat of arms and the independence of Guayaquil, for Germany this month is synonymous with Oktoberfest. And for decades, the great ‘October festival’ not limited to German territory but has spread to its communities abroaduntil landing in our country.

Several venues are preparing to celebrate this festival in our territory that recalls the marriage in 1810 of the Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria with Princess Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen. One of these great celebrations is the one prepared by the Ecuadorian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), which promises an “authentic Bavarian experience” in two days of festivities.

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Oktoberfest, with second edition in Guayaquil

“This is a committed event, shared between the enjoyment, cultural awareness and revitalization of the city,” stressed Jörg Zehnle, General Manager of the Ecuadorian-German Chamber during the presentation of the event at the beginning of the month.

The AHK festival, in its third edition, starts this Friday, September 30 and continues on Saturday, October 1. It will take place in Guayaquil Convention Center, from 19:00 to 02:00.

Music, food and beers, lots of beers, at Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest, a German party that is lived in Ecuador

How is oktoberfest traditionthis festival cannot miss music, food and of course, the beers.

The music puts it German band Ledawixaccompanied by the Ecuadorians Chicha Power (Friday and The Resaka (Saturday).

The food be in charge of the kitchen Convention Centerled by the Chef Daniel Mirandawith the guidance of the renowned German chef Manfred Krauth.

Beer festivals will promote women in the industry and business exchange between Germany and Ecuador

Miranda points out that at the meeting the diners will be delighted with imported German sausages (bratwurst, nuremberg and weisswurst) for the event, as well as other special dishes for the German culture, such as pork knuckle (haxen) and ribs, goulash, sauerkraut, potato salad, spätzle, bretzel and desserts.

The goulash It is a type of soup or stew of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices. The sauerkraut it is finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented. The german style potato salad It is a dish that is prepared with a vinaigrette (instead of a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing) and served at room temperature.

The spatzle, Miranda explains, is a type of pasta; Meanwhile he bretzel is nothing more and nothing less than the well-known pretzel. “When they don’t want to eat too much, but want to continue drinking, the Germans accompany their beers with pretzels”, illustrates the chef.

​Manfred Krauth and his return to the Oktoberfest at the Hilton Colón Guayaquil

Finally, there are the coveted beers that have made Oktoberfest become the world’s largest beer festival. In fact, on its centenary in 1910, they served 1,200,000 million liters of beer during the 15 days of this celebration in its original region.

In its Guayaquil version (and reduced) of the AHK, it is expected that around 4,000 people enjoy of various types of beer such as blond (weissbier), black (dunkel), non-alcoholic beer (alkoholfrei)among other.

“Ecuadorians like this type of event, try something different and beer, which is the star of this party”says chef Miranda, hoping that the celebration will be to the liking of the compatriots, taking into account that Ecuador is also emerging as a brewing nation.

The AHK remembers that when toasting, you must shout “Prost!”while if you want another round of beer you will have to put your thumb up in the air.

Other AHK Oktoberfest Activities

Among the other amenities offered by the Oktoberfest of the German Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce are they traditional German games, such as masskrugstemmena sport in which competitors must hold with one arm a Stein (beer glass) of a liter with the beer of your choice and parallel to the ground. Whoever stays in this position the longest wins.

They can also have fun with the schunkel, the rhythmic dance in which people link arms and sway back and forth on the spot. Another dance classic is the polonase.

The event will be conducted by the renowned influencer Verito Alava. Tickets cost $25; the value includes a Erdinger pint glass and half liter of German beer. For sale through instaticket or on social media AHK Oktoberfest (@oktoberfet.ahk) with the link in the description that directs them to the sale of tickets.

Source: Eluniverso

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