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Chingu Amiga, the South Korean YouTuber who learned to live in Latin America, will be at the Guayaquil Budokan this Saturday

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He came to Mexico with the help of his father, to recover from the exhaustion generated by the pressure of university studies. He needed to rest, but he couldn’t. “The teachers told me that successful people do not sleep more than three hours” is a sentence in which the youtuber Chingu Amiga (Kim Sujin) summarizes the philosophy with which he lived his years as a student.

Budokan promises an Asian experience on its tenth anniversary; Chingu Amiga is the most anticipated of the convention

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In contrast to that austerity, Sujin is perceived in the videos as a highly emotional, sociable and outgoing person, who is not afraid to talk to strangers, travel and be photographed or recorded in public. The same thing participates in a street dance contest that buys in the flea market to entertain his followers or cries in a video in which he talks about mental health.

Now, in addition to his work as vloggerShe is a Korean teacher. She has a Mexican boyfriend, who from time to time participates in her comedy shorts or accompanies her when she risks cooking. Her humorous appreciation for ‘luxury’ items like fruit, lemons and avocados is part of the content she shares about her, as well as the video series Weird thing that happens… (in Mexico or in Korea). He speaks fairly fluent Spanish, but with a strong accent. She is aware of that, and uses it to her advantage to make her viewers laugh.

Upload videos every Saturday. Where to see it? On YouTube (Chingu Amiga), TikTok (Soojinicoreana) and Instagram (@chinguamiga). The Korean word ching-gu describes a close friendship.

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Speaking of friendships, Sujin has multiple collaborations with other Korean and Latin American audiovisual content creators. Perhaps the most outstanding is the duo that he has achieved with the Mexican Christian Burgos, who lives and works in South Korea, in the entertainment industry. Together they regularly publish videos in which they contrast both societies, the Asian and the Latin, in the series named toxic shit. And when he is in his country, Sujin does not hesitate to make special videos with groups of k pop.

Sujin, 31, explains that she still has a lot of culture shock, but says that in the end, Mexico has been beneficial for his health and his career as youtuber, tiktoker, instagrammer and now as a personality at conventions like the Budokan, where this Saturday, October 21, at 7:00 p.m., at the Palacio de Cristal in Guayaquil. In addition, you will have a meet and greet with his fans.

The entrance to the Budokan has a cost of $10 per day; are for sale at meet2go, Geek Store, Taisuki Taiyaki and Advance stores. The meet & greet with the different guests they handle a specific cost. The day of activities runs from 11:00 to 20:00. The complete program can be reviewed on the Instagram account @budokanec.

Why did Chingu Amiga arrive in Latin America? A journey to heal

In a video from 2021 (The real reason I don’t want to go back to Koreawith almost 9 million views), Kim Sujin talked about her fear of returning to her country, and also opened her notes from those years, in which she wrote motivational phrases such as “If you want a successful future, you can’t enjoy today”, “Cut off friends who don’t serve you”, “If you’re ugly, at least you have to study”“If you can’t even study well, then what can you do?”

Entering college, he thought the hardest part was over, but no. The next challenge was to stand out from the rest to get a job in a prestigious company. “That’s how I always have to live,” she thought. And then he met his first Latin American friends, from whom he says he learned several things: have fun without thinking if it will bring you any benefit, rest the weekend without feeling guiltyvalue their own well-being. “I learned to value myself.”

Photo: Sáshenka Gutiérrez

The first country he arrived in was Brazil, and from there he continued to travel throughout Latin America for a year. “I do not know how to explain it. I lived in a glass, I went out and discovered all the other ways I could live”.

Returning home, he was met again with the pressure of the university. “One day I was studying, I went to eat, and doing so (bringing food to my mouth), I could no longer breathe and fell asleep.” The next day, while walking, she ran out of energy and had to sit on the ground. “That’s how I lasted a week. The exam was more important than taking care of my body”. Finally, she couldn’t get out of bed. She was hospitalized, she says, unable to eat, walk or sleep. She was Burnout syndrome (mental exhaustion). It only got better when his family assured him that he didn’t need to go back to college and that he could get some time off. In that year she was able to heal and do things that were unthinkable until then, like seeing her friends, going out, watching television. Feeling healed, she tried to go back to college, but her symptoms returned. “There my dad bought a ticket. ‘Su, I think you have to get out of here’”. It was a plane ticket to Mexico, where Kim lives to this day, and where her career took off.

He temporarily worked at a Korean company, but realized that the organizational culture was still the same as back home, and quit to devote most of his time to his videos and teaching. He now flies to his country from time to time, to visit his family or do some collaboration. And he also continues to travel around Latin America. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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