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After this performance in “Mam talent”, Agnieszka Chyliñska could not contain her emotions. Fan: I’m in shock

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Iza Demska “Owca” applied to the 13th edition of the “” program to make her dreams come true. As she said, although singing has always been her passion, she mainly sang “in the shower”. Performing in the popular talent show was about to change that.

Agnieszka Chylińska did not hide her emotions. The participant of “Got Talent” received a golden button

When asked by Kliment about “singing gurus” Demska without hesitation admitted that icons such as SHE and Ostrowska are close to her heart. During the casting, she decided to reach for the repertoire of one of them. The 33-year-old decided to hit “When I Tell Myself Enough”.

After the first sounds one could see the surprise on Chylińska’s face. During the performance, with tears in her eyes, she said: “It’s nice.” The audience rewarded the participant with a standing ovation.

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The jury was delighted with Demska’s performance, and Jan Kliment thanked Chylińska for being a musical inspiration for many people. The juror even managed to persuade the singer to perform with the participant. Małgorzata Foremniak, from whom Demska received the golden button, was also moved to the live episodes.

The casting video can be watched on the official YouTube channel of the “Mam talent” program. There were many comments from viewers who were equally delighted with the voice of the 33-year-old:

She sang beautifully. !! I am shocked that you can have the same voice as Agnieszka Chylinska. Unbelievable.!

I was touched myself, if I didn’t see it, I would have to sing Agnieszka. She deserved a great golden button.

When it seems like you’ve seen everything in ‘Got Talent’, something like this happens. Great grandmothers and amazing voices. A beautiful performance

Demska songs can now be heard on YouTube

Although she was eliminated in the semi-final episodes, fans of her voice can now hear her original songs on the YouTube channel. Izabela also publishes covers of famous songs. Recently, she turned to Czesław Niemen’s “Strange jest ten świat”.

Source: Gazeta

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