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Tiktokerka, known for her sleepwalking, showed a terrifying video. “I don’t just talk to myself in sleep”

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Celina Myers, 28, comes from the city of London in the Canadian province of Ontario, southwest of the capital city of Toronto. The woman became very popular on TikTok thanks to the videos she shared, documenting her adventures in sleep. The 28-year-old sleepwalks and shares more and more videos with the observers. She is known on the social media platform as @CelinaSpookyBoo.

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Her account is tracked by 26.1 million users. Myers is also the author of three novels about paranormal phenomena. Recently, she claims, she “communicates with the dead” during sleepwalking.

Tiktokerka sleepwalks and claims to “talk to ghosts”

“I was in Salem recently and the medium told me I was a seer,” she said on the video. “And when I sleepwalk, I don’t really just talk to myself in my sleep. I am talking to ghosts. Remember that – convinces tiktokerka.

Her last film, which quickly turned into a viral, caused a special stir. Celina believes that she was just “talking to the ghosts” while she was sleepwalking. The 28-year-old and her husband recently moved to a new home, which she believes is to be “haunted”.

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The video she posted on TikTok is black and white. You can see (thanks to the cameras installed at home by her husband) how she is sitting in an office chair in a nightgown and talking to herself. The entire footage is rather comical and arouses amused reactions from the observers.

Among other things, he turns in the chair and mumbles random sentences under his breath. At one point, she says, “Were the 1970s sick?” Later, in a commentary under the film, she noted that her new home was built in the 1970s.

Then we see a moment where the 28-year-old suddenly imitates a British accent and asks, “Do you want a drink?” Then he raises his hand and pretends to fire a pistol.

During sleepwalking documented in the video, Myers goes to the living room and crouches. Moments later, she acts as if she is having a lively conversation with someone.

– I won’t tell her. You tell her – he says to the “air”. It also shows middle fingers. In a few seconds, we see a frame with his head resting on the table, mumbling, “To live is to suffer.” Repeat it. To live is to suffer and to prepare dinner. “Finally, he covers his mouth with his hand and whispers,” This is terrible news “- this completes the absurd recording.

The video she shared was viewed over 640,000 times in just 14 hours from publication.

“Will we ignore the fact that she shot the ghost?”

Mostly joking comments appear in the comments below the video. “So we’re just going to ignore the fact that she shot the ghost?” – one of the internet users jokes.

“These ghosts must be thinking: is she even listening to us?” – another commentator laughs.

However, it is worth remembering that sleepwalking – or somnambulism – is simply a disorder consisting in the appearance of automatic physical activity during sleep. Sometimes these activities are limited to just sitting on the bed, but sometimes – as in the case of Celina – they even take the form of talking, dressing, walking or cooking. There are also less frequent cases of long-term sleepwalking episodes during which a sleepwalker, for example, was driving a car. Usually the sleepwalker doesn’t remember his episode. Sleepwalking usually begins at peak sleep, about an hour or two after falling asleep.

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Source: Gazeta

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