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“Avatar” has returned to Polish cinemas. Viewers want their money back

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The first part hit theaters in September 2009. Its premiere was a turning point in the history of the entertainment industry. The 3D science-fiction film was the first title to be distributed on such a scale in ordinary cinemas – viewers could enjoy the amazing effects only thanks to the use of glasses. From then on, 3D movies have become a standard. The film was so successful that it became the highest-grossing production in the history of the entertainment industry. It is true that “Avatar” was dethroned for a moment by “Avengers: Endgame”, but that changed after re-introducing the first part to world cinemas.

“Avatar” has returned to cinemas, Polish viewers are demanding a refund

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After many years, James Cameron decided to return to the history of a war veteran who, instead of his deceased twin, takes part in a scientific project taking place on the alien planet Pandora. The new world is inhabited by a highly evolved race of humanoid creatures with which the earthlings eventually come into conflict. The viewers were captivated by, among others stunningly polished graphics and beautiful views. The film not only turned out to be a box office success, it also became a ticket to a great career, among others for Zoe Saldana.

After several years of intensive work, the premiere of the second part of the hit was announced for December 16, 2022. – It’s not just a sequel, it’s a saga. And it’s a family saga. It will be fascinating in itself, but it will also be extremely fascinating to come back to these characters and see how they changed. It’s not that “Avatar” is a really big movie, but more that “Avatar” was a really important cultural event for viewers – said Scott Asbell, the head of 20th Century Studios some time ago in an interview with “Hollywood Reporter”.

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However, before we get to know the new chapter of this story, on the weekend of September 24-25, the previous part appeared in theaters as a reminder. As reported by the employees of Polish cinemas, there was a group of dissatisfied viewers. As it turns out, many people had the impression that “The Essence of Water” has already hit the screens. Some viewers managed to correct their mistakes when buying tickets for screenings, but according to the report, not all those who were not aware of the situation were able to warn. It was going to end in brawls.

According to the report, upset viewers had to raise their voices to accuse the multiplex staff of “brazenly playing old films and not informing viewers about it, and maybe even deliberately misleading in order to earn”. In Wrocław, one person said: “This is a scandal, please return your money.”

It is already known that in its first weekend of re-screening, “Avatar” grossed an additional $ 30 million globally. Only in Poland it was the third most frequently chosen film by viewers – 37.6 thousand people watched it here. people.

Source: Gazeta

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