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Fashionable hats for women over 50 2022. Great comeback of berets

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Decades ago it was said that most of the heat escapes through the head. Scientists have disproved this theory, but the head still needs to be protected in cold weather, because it is an extremely cold-resistant part of our body, and this is because it has no fatty tissue. Since we have decent arguments for wearing a hat, let’s choose the perfect one! We have a lot of styles, we choose the most interesting models for women over 50.

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In fact, mature ladies can wear whatever they want and there are no major prohibitions and orders. We know, however, that they generally already have their well-established taste and like the classics, but with a twist. What styles can women over 50 pay attention to?

Beanies with cuffs. Classic and slightly sporty

These are the most universal caps that oscillate between everyday style and a certain nonchalance. And they are certainly not caps reserved only for young people. A beanie cap fits perfectly with all kinds of jackets, but also trench coats and coats, despite its sporty character. It breaks the style and adds a bit of twist to styling with the coat in the lead role. Plus, the fold-over cuff provides double warmth to the ears and forehead. It is tight and quite thick, so it will be perfect both in autumn and winter. The most universal will be the classic colors: gray, beige and black, but nothing prevents you from experimenting with the color. What is worth paying attention to? For admixture of fabrics such as: cashmere, wool and alpaca. This will make the hat even warmer!

Disenchanted mohair berets. Mature women look beautiful in them!

Another headdress that mature ladies can confidently reach for is beret. It looks extremely elegant, but also original. You also have to be able to wear the beret, because when pulled a bit to the side, it looks completely different than when you put it on just like that. It fits beautifully with classic coats.

The great comeback of knitted headbands. They are warm and very comfortable.

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Warm headbands are experiencing a real renaissance. They are extremely stylish and original. They cover the ears and forehead, which is the most important thing, so you can easily wear them both in autumn and winter. The twist bands, i.e. with a fancy weave on the forehead, look most face-to-face. Blondes will especially suit shades of gray and black, while brunettes will suit beige.

Source: Gazeta

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