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“I am 41 years old, wrinkles, discoloration …”. Ania Wendzikowska honestly about complexes and self-acceptance

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is one of the most popular journalists in Poland. The star regularly publishes on Instagram, where she is currently followed by over 494,000 people. In social media, the journalist boasts not only about her travels or stylizations, but also touches upon topics that are important to her. This time, Wendzikowska opened up about the criticism she had been hearing from many sides for a long time. Her words are moving.

Ania Wendzikowska: “the body is only the body”. The journalist responds to hate in moving words

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Anna Wendzikowska is not afraid to raise difficult and important topics. Recently, a post appeared on her Instagram in which she honestly told about her relationship with the body. The journalist admitted that she is well aware of her “shortcomings”:

(…) I’m 41 years old. I have wrinkles, blemishes, skin on my stomach that betrays my two pregnancies … evidently something weird under my armpits as well. I also have a scar on my forearm after surgery and many other “shortcomings” … narrow hips, a foot size 39, big hands, shit hair … and probably a lot of things that I can’t see, but that someone will gladly point out to me.

Later in the post, the journalist emphasized that nowadays she has no problems accepting herself. He loves his body because it is thanks to him that he is where he is and where he has two beloved daughters. “I learned first to accept and then even love my body, because it never let me down. It carried me smoothly for 40 years of my life. (…) I carried two wonderful creatures in it and it managed” – she wrote.

Ania Wendzikowska appeals to her observers. Fan: “To the point …”

At the end, Anna Wendzikowska appealed to her fans to show more understanding and kindness towards other people. She also addressed women: “Let’s learn to blow each other’s wings. Because criticism will not knock me down, I’m too old and too experienced for it, but there are a lot of wonderful, sensitive, young people in this world who can break their self-esteem for years.”

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The journalist’s post touched many peopleand under the post there were a lot of comments from people who agreed with Wendzikowska’s words:

Beautifully written

Bravo Anna

You are beautiful, strong, wonderful and stay that way

Source: Gazeta

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