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No more frizz and falling out. Coconut oil for hair is a real miracle

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Hair oiling has conquered the world. An express way to regenerate your hair

There is still some debate about whether coconut oil is worth consuming, but we know for sure that it has great effects on hair. Thanks to him, the whole typology of oils that will be suitable for different hair types has been launched. What does hair oiling give you? It quickly and effectively closes the hair cuticles, making them shiny, regenerated and nourished. In addition, it reduces hair loss. However, first you need to choose the right oil for your hair type.

How to determine hair porosity? Try the glass test!

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Conscious care is selecting cosmetics according to the porosity of the hair: low, medium and high porosity. Hair porosity is the degree of hair cuticle deflection. Those that are very frizzy are generally highly porous, those that are very smooth and even lacking in volume, they are usually low porosity. You can also carry out water glass testi.e. throw one hair into a glass of water and wait a few minutes. If it floats, it means low porosity, if it sinks to the bottom it means high porosity, the state in between means medium porosity. Each of them means different needs, and thus different oils. High porosity hair will like flaxseed, black cumin and hemp oils. A medium porosity with argan or sweet almond or castor oil. Coconut oil is considered one of the most universal, that’s why owners of different hair types can reach for it. However, it will serve the best for low porosity hair, which can take on lightness thanks to it. Unrefined coconut oil is best.

How to oil your hair? You can’t move without a foundation!

Applying the oil to your hair is not a good idea because it does not moisturize and therefore does not penetrate the hair. After such an unsuccessful treatment, the hair may be dry and dull. In order to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of coconut oil, it is worth using some facilities. We can add it to a mask or conditioner and apply it to wet hair for a minimum of half an hour. We apply the mixture to the length of the hair, without the part at the root. Thanks to this, the cosmetic moisturizes the hair, and at the same time we obtain the nourishing and regenerative properties of the oil. Later we wash our hair with ordinary shampoo.

The second method is oiling on a foundation. What could it be? This is quite surprising, because sugar water is fine for this. It is enough to dilute 150 ml and a teaspoon of sugar in a bottle with an atomizer, and then spread the solution on the hair until it is damp. The next step is to apply pure coconut oil. And then you need to emulsify it first, that is, mix it on your head with some conditioner, and then wash your hair with shampoo. This is important as the shampoo itself may not handle the greasy oil. It is enough to do this treatment once a week to see a significant difference.

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