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The Polish response to Rihannê and Nicki Minaj. Premiere of new single and music video by Alex Rossa

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Alex Rossa is a singer, composer and songwriter. Although he specializes in R&B, pop and rap rhythms, he loves to experiment with music and sounds. Alex’s characteristic rapping style is primarily fast flow. The artist often writes bold texts and changes her alter ego, describing the surrounding reality. – There are no taboos for me – I think there are no things that do not deserve an artistic approach. Some people mistakenly think that a person with money and beauty has everything a life needs. I think this is wrong – it may turn out that we are beautiful on the outside, and that they are rotten from sadness and loneliness on the inside – admits the artist.

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As she also says:

The new single is not only a combination of all musical genres that are so close to me, but above all my reflection on everyday life in a big city. I sing about problems and joys, loves and failures, successes and addictions, drawing from my observation of my surroundings and people around me.

Rihanna has been Alexx Rossa’s musical love since childhood. The singer knows her every song and performance. At the age of 18, in tribute to the star, she got the same tattoo as the American singer – a gun on her ribs. The unconventional fashion and style of dress reflect your personality. He treats clothing as an additional way of expressing himself, following his own rules. He is still experimenting with the image, changing the stage incarnations. What surprised us this time?

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In the latest clip, Alex Rossa appears in an elegant setting that refers to wealth. Only in one video we can see as many as three incarnations of the singer! Are you curious about the effect? We invite you to watch the video:

How did Alex Rossa get to where she is now?

The singer has always known that her place is on the stage. She started her musical adventure at the age of 15 at the Studio Buffo Theater in Warsaw, playing in the musical “Metro” directed by Janusz Józefowicz and in “Italian Evening” – together with the orchestra of Janusz Stokłosa. In 2014, as a representative of Poland, she performed at the “Orpheus in Italy” World Festival of English-Language Song in Italy. She took 1st place there.

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At 14, she signed her first contract with the MyMusic Group record label, where she released her own self-written song. He is successful not only in music. As a teenager, she practiced athletics. She was the champion of Mazovia at distances of 300, 600 meters and in the long jump. Her greatest sports achievement is the Polish Junior Championships in the long jump in 2015.

Alex Rossa is currently studying cultural studies at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. However, without slowing down the pace – she is bound by a contract with the GUERRERO RECORDS label operating as the GUERRERO GERMAIN label. Less than two months ago, her first single, “Ballin”, had its premiere with FROSTI. This track already has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Source: Gazeta

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