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Piqué enraged by Shakira’s statements: the player believes that he wrapped himself in the role of “victim” and now wants his children in Barcelona indefinitely because he will not give concessions to the singer

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The story of the separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué has no end. The famous ex-partner continues on a thorny stage in which they measure “forces” in the fight to finalize the issues that still unite them, such as child custody and economic issues. But, in this process, the singer’s recent statements greatly annoyed the player.

Speaking for the first time and exclusively for Elle, caused the position of the Barça member to harden before the attitude of the singer from Barranquilla, who according to the Spanish press does not give an iota in trying to achieve an understanding that avoids going to court.

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The truth is that the content of the explosive interview left the soccer player in a bad way, who in addition to being singled out as unfaithful for his courtship with Clara Chía Marti, also questions his role as the father of Milan and Sasha.

“She was in Spanish territory for more than 183 days”: the evidence that shows that Shakira did reside in Spain and made more than 500 payments in commercial establishments between gym, hairdresser and shopping

Shakira annoyed Piqué with her “incendiary” interview

The newspaper La Vanguardia publishes several remarks collected in information collected in Gerard Piqué’s environment, and they maintain that the player is convinced that Shakira “paid” for the breakup through her scandalous story.

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According to the Spanish media, the singer made very specific accusations in which she used her children to exalt her facet as a mother to the detriment of the role that her ex plays with the children.

In addition to naming the children they had in 12 years of union on several occasions, Shakira spoke of her “sacrifices” for the man she loves, and for whom she changed her life.

“And so, one of the two had to make that effort and that sacrifice. And I did it. I put my career on the back burner and came to Spain to support him so that he could play football and win titles. And it was an act of love. Thanks to that, my children were able to have a mother present, and I have with them that incredible bond that is unbreakable and that sustains us, “she said in a part of his story.

According to the anonymous source, Piqué expected that Shakira’s reaction would be to victimize herself after the separation. However, she “found it deeply unfair” that she used a story with her children, in which it was not difficult to understand that she was a present and selfless mother and he, a father who is not.

“Everyone who knows him knows that no matter how many nights he has gone out for drinks, he has always combined the lawn with the company but also with taking care of his family: he takes them to school, to extracurricular activities, on trips and spends the whole day with them. time when he is not working,” said the informant.

The same newspaper maintains that another of the statements with which the footballer does not agree is when he spoke of resilient women.

“We have this resilience that is innate. And we are meant to feed and care for those who depend on us. So you ask me how do I manage this. I manage, I suppose, by reminding myself that I need to be an example for my children, that I need to be what they want me to be, and what I want them to become, “said the singer in the interview.

Faced with such an assertion, Piqué considers that he is using the reverse implications, in which she behaves as an example to follow and the other person, the opposite.

La Vanguardia maintains that despite the fact that Piqué has received many offers for an interview, at the moment he will not give them, or at least not for now, while the custody of his children is discussed.

The new appointment in front of the lawyers will be crucial

A new appointment is already scheduled for this Tuesday, September 27, but this time the ex-partner will not see each other’s faces, since Shakira will not be there. Piqué will visit the office of the singer’s lawyer, Pilar Mañé, with her representatives Ramón and Paola Tamborero.

For Informalia, this absence is due to the fact that the soccer player slammed the door in the last meeting due to the claims of the superstar who did not give up in the search for solutions to achieve a quick end.

This medium maintains that after Shakira’s statements, Barcelona’s number 3 hardened his position regarding the custody of his children. And if before there was the possibility that she agreed to go with the singer to Miami for a few months of the year, now she wants them in Spain indefinitely, without granting any concession to the artist.

The prediction about the end of the scandalous breakup is that the negotiation does not bear the expected fruit and finally the story of Gerard and Shakira is aired in court while waiting for a judge to decide the fate of the custody of the Piqué -Mebarak. (AND)

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