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Teo, son of Fanny Lú, makes his debut as an urban singer: “I was born in the era of reggaeton, rap, freestyle… They are my basis for telling stories. That is why the urban represents me”

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Although he had already participated in several musical experiments, the Colombian singer Mateo Madriñán Martínez21 years old, better known as Theowants to break into the art scene with his own name and his own project: deliver “real music”. “The most important thing for me is to be genuine. I have always said, before being an artist, I am a music lover, so I feel that I can give my best music by making the music that I love”. For this reason, she explains, she does not want to fit into a single rhythm, but rather explore a palette of genres, especially those under the umbrella of urban music.

“I was born in the reggaeton era of Tego Calderon, daddy yankeeLatin American rap, the freestyle and now with bad bunny… Those influences for me are very big, they are my basis for what I do and for telling stories. That’s why I feel like the urban is what represents me the most”.

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“The Ecuadorian public is a second home for me, it is the first public that opened its arms to me”, declares Sebastián Yatra on the eve of his concerts in Quito and Guayaquil

With these influences and his personal stamp, his debut song was born, chocolatewhich already exceeds more than a million and a half views on YouTube. “It’s the only song in my entire repertoire that I didn’t write, and I’m very open in telling that. The idea originally came out of a group called Taganga Sounds from Santa Marta… They sent me the song’s reference and they told me ‘We would love this song for you’”, recalls the interpreter, revealing that at the beginning, although he liked the song, he was wary of singing a song that he didn’t had written.

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Tommy Radicalsthe producer, calls me and tells me ‘Come to Santa Marta, record the song, and if you don’t like it, we don’t do it’. He had never known Santa Marta, but we recorded the first day I arrived and a great moment was captured, which felt like a change of life. That is why this topic became so important to me, in addition to the fact that the song is so loving and positivethat I said ‘what better way to start my career like this’”.

In this way, the song not only marks his artistic launch, but a significant fragment in his existence and his career. “I was coming out of a somewhat strong moment in my life, that I didn’t know what I wanted from music, I didn’t have much faith, I didn’t believe much in myself, I had low self-esteem. That experience was reinforcing me and ensuring that I’m made for thisYes, I am good.”

Coldplay, Dua Lipa and other great artists who will give concerts this September in Peru and Colombia, but not in Ecuador

After cholaticoI arrive Thai. This melody was written together with a composer who was a great friend of Teo, Helen. The inspiration for this song found them in the studio, when Helen was stretching before work, telling them that she had received a Thai massage session. As its name suggests, it is a very sensual melody.

Reggaeton stereotypes

At his young age, Teo is clear that urban music presents a series of stereotypes What do they seek negatively pigeonhole gender.

‘Perreodismo’: when Bad Bunny becomes the news channel and is the subject of study

For example reggaeton is only music for parties or parrandas and does not count on other emotions. “That’s a pretty aggressive generalization, although I understand the sentiment behind what they’re trying to say. I believe that they focus on mainstreamto what sounds on the radio. In the urban genre there is a lot of music that is not like that. What Resl Bhis music is very sad, or like pheidwho called him the king of spite-street… The cool thing about the urban is that its rhythm is basic, so you can do what you want and mix other genres. gives you a lot of freedom. That’s why I always say, every music is subjective to its audiencethat’s why everyone can enjoy their own”.

Another vision that Teo deals with are the explicit lyrics. “I try not to be explicit, because I feel that it is more cool to be like finer, more sensualbecause I also feel that everyone can enjoy it this way”, defends the singer, accepting that this is one of the inevitable components of urban songs, which brings him to the same number of followers as detractors.

“When I started singing, my mom told me not to be vulgar,” says urban artist Jay Wheeler, who just released the album ‘Emociones’

“I tell them, ‘if you don’t like it, don’t listen’. At the end of the day art is a way to express yourself. Yes, sometimes the lyrics are strong, but that’s how they talk, that’s their way of seeing life. So people want them to censor themselves and act like someone else, just because they don’t like it… It’s very easy for them, give it skip (skip song), block these songs from your playlist Or don’t put them on.”

He also adds: “Sometimes the (explicit) effect is cool, because it’s taboo. is what it does bad bunny. He was taking a risk with his explicit music, but in the end that made people sing it a lot more, because they have identified with him”.

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In addition to the urban, one of his biggest influences is Bruno Marssays the artist. She is his example and a kind of distant mentor for him. “He came to Bogotá to singand in English, people sang, shouted their music and cried. It was a moment that I will never forget in my life. I want to make people feel that and also have that power and that presence on stage. He measures about 1.60 (meters), but you see him on stage and you would never think that, has a strength, a confidence and a certainty that is so admirable and it shows that it is in your domain. That is incredible”.

The career of Teo, son of the singer Fanny Lu and the businessman Juan Carlos Madriñán, has already taken off and for now he anticipates that there will be new releases in october and november. “I have been writing music for five years and saving it, right now I want to let go of everything. With the response and support you have had chocolate, I just want to give you more music to enjoy with me. I guarantee you will like it.”

Source: Eluniverso

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