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The ‘gamer’ market is growing in Ecuador and these are some things that a player must take into account

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Gamers are multiplying in the local environment and their demands are also increasing. Among the equipment most purchased by this user sector are the gaming laptop, those that allow video game lovers to live the most fluid and realistic virtual experience.

According to a recent study by the company Marketer, this year, 3,000 million people around the world will play digital games, whether through consoles, computers or mobile devices, which means that gamers represent more than a third of the world population, and Latin America is not far behind.

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A significant number for this growth is the expansion of the market mobile and its dedicated video games. YouTube Vibes noted that the video industry gaming brought together almost 290 million players in 2021 thanks to the inclusion of interactive experiences within the reach of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

For Yuzel Ahumada, Product Manager for Latin America at Dell Technologies, having high-tech tools is key to living an optimal gaming experience, of quality and great visual capacity without interruptions. “The passion for video games does not stop. Based on this, it is essential for players to have state-of-the-art technology that does not limit their expectations and allows them to exploit their full potential, ”he says.

To achieve this, certain characteristics are needed that every user should consider when purchasing a laptop for gaming.

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The graphics card is a very important component and must be in accordance with the games that are used, since some require more graphic performance than others. Two great options are laptop Alienware X15 and X17, which have graphics cards from RTX 3060 6 GB up to RTX 3080Ti 16 GB.

In the case of screens, the size of this element has a great impact on the performance of the players. An important aspect when looking for a computer is that it has at least a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 250 nits so that the user does not suffer a trick when running the game. To guarantee an incredible experience gaminga technology to choose is Gsync or Freesync, which allows a better synchronization between the monitor and the graphics card, avoiding update delay and jerks during use.

The processor is the brain of the laptop and it has a huge impact on the performance of all the tasks you perform, in addition, it influences the battery life. It also allows the computer to boot and run programs properly and can even handle multiple software and windows at the same time. The recommended models are 11th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 or 5th Gen AMD Ryzen R5/R7 for the user to run their favorite games.

In addition, a good thermal system will ensure that the equipment remains at a good temperature and does not overheat in the most demanding moments of the game. Consider a laptop with a cooling system that includes fans, cooling pipes and heat sinks that will allow the device to be used for long hours without overheating or being damaged.

Although in the Ecuadorian market video game lovers will be able to find equipment of different prices and colors that will immerse them in the action due to its high definition, it is important to contemplate these four key tips to make a good investment that guarantees a great gaming experience.

On the other hand, there are requirements that are not essential. The experts at Codashop, a company specializing in the marketing of video games, mention things as simple as choosing good music or being up-to-date on the news about the world of video games.

play with the play list appropriately intensifies the experience. Choosing the right song thread can give you the right inspiration to lift your spirits in a loss or passionately celebrate that victory you’ve been waiting all day to achieve.

It also recommends taking into account the actuality of the eSports. Seeing those players who are above average, using never-before-seen strategies, or using an unusual combination of weapons can help players think outside the box and climb the ladder. rankings. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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