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These zodiac signs are terrible sleepers. They’re definitely not early risers

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When we fall asleep, many regenerative processes take place in our body. How much sleep each of us needs depends on many factors. Some people are refreshed after six hours, and others find the day wasted if they don’t get enough sleep from the standard eight hours. Astrologers believe that it is conditioned by our zodiac sign. Check if you belong to the group of the biggest sleepyheads.

Crayfish are born sleepers

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People from this zodiac sign love sleep. During their free time, it is an ideal way to relax. Taking naps during the day can immediately improve their mood, and from parties until late they will always choose extra hours of sleep. Especially in the privacy of their own home, when they are surrounded by loved ones. Crayfish never get enough sleep, so eight hours is often not enough for them. When they are tired, they can sleep up to 12 hours during the night!

Scorpio is always sleepy

People under this sign need 7-8 hours of sleep, although they can often walk in a bad mood even then. All because their sleep is usually interrupted. Scorpios are born enthusiasts. If they find something interesting, they can think about it all day and all night. After waking up, they find it hard to fall asleep. If they are really tired, no amount of rest will be enough for them. They often go sleepy and save themselves during the day with strong coffee.

Taurus loves naps and time spent on the couch

Lazy Bulls love time on the couch and taking short naps during the day. While they can be tiring for others, they are extremely restorative for Taurus people. They can sleep in all conditions, not only on a comfortable couch. But they do not tolerate violent motives. If the alarm goes off too soon, they can be irritable for the rest of the day.

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