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Finding a new Bond is difficult. Producers: He evolves like modern men

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There are people in the movie world for whom the role of agent 007 will remain one of the most important roles in their career. Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan … The latter said that “more people had a chance to set foot on the moon than to play Bond.” He was right. Only six actors got it. It is a matter of specific requirements. The production pair Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson presented their expectations of candidates who would like to play the role of agent 007 in the latest film.

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Idris Elba looks in the mirror

For a time, it seemed the producers were going to propose a job to Idris Elba. The actor, however, concluded that “when he looks in the mirror, he does not see Bond in the reflection.” While the role could be groundbreaking for the series due to his skin color, in the podcast “The Shop” Elba explained why he was not interested in the proposition.

This is not my career goal. I don’t think playing Bond will satisfy some of my personal goals. It will certainly satisfy the will of the nation. I’m not going to lie, in every corner of the world I go and I’m talking about different cultures here, I always hear: Bond. And I feel that this is beyond me. It is not a question of whether I should or will do it now or later. This is sometimes dictated by the will of the nation.

Producer Barbara Broccoli commented on Elba’s decision:

He is great. We love Idris. The point, however, is that it will take several years. When we select someone for the role of Bond, it amounts to 10-12 years of commitment. So he probably thinks, “Do I really want this?” Not everyone can do it. It was hard enough to get Daniel Craig to do it.

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she told Variety magazine. Wilson added, “And Craig was in his thirties at the time!”

Broccoli and Wilson have shaped the series since 1995. The producer’s mother married Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli, who was a co-founder of Bond. The duo has had a strong relationship with Daniel Craig since 2006’s “Casino Royale” until the actor resigned. Speculation about who could replace him has already appeared before – producers have been answering similar questions in interviews for years.

Who should James Bond be today?

Broccoli and Wilson explain that today’s young actors, whose dream is to play in 007, do not understand what this entails. – It’s a commitment to run a franchise for years – explains the producer. This has no right to succeed when the candidate’s role as Bond is just a momentary whim. Eon Productions’ funding is also important. “It’s a big investment for us, too,” explains Wilson. Casting itself is also not just about choosing an actor. The new Bond is a completely new creation that must be created from scratch.

It’s about reinventing Bond. We have to ask ourselves: what do we want to achieve? What do we want to do with this character? And then, once we understand that, we choose who is the right person for that particular reconstruction

– the producers explain. This was the case with Daniel Craig, who from film to film gave his protagonist more and more human features, breaking with the image of an idealized man. This is one of the ideas of Broccola and Wilson. They want to keep up with the expectations of modern times.

It’s an evolution. Bond evolves as men do. I don’t know who is growing faster

says Broccoli. It is not without significance that the producer is the director of the British branch of the organization representing women “Time’s Up”. This is why the new Bond has a harder time accusing sexism. He shows emotions and weaknesses more often, thanks to which, as the creators hope, it is easier to identify with him.

The producer duo admits that the latest part of Agent 007’s adventures is still a distant project that will take at least two years to complete. Casting for the main role is still ongoing.

Source: Gazeta

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