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Does the pension count towards the retirement pension? ZUS will take it into account only in one case

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A disability pension is granted to a person who has been found wholly or partially incapable of performing gainful employment due to his or her state of health. Can this period be included in the pension by ZUS? We dispel doubts.

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What is the length of service required to obtain a retirement pension? It concerns only one group of seniors

Work experience, i.e. contributory and non-contributory periods are taken into account for persons born before 1 January 1949. In order to receive a retirement pension from ZUS, they must meet two conditions:

  • have reached a retirement age of at least 60 for women and at least 65 for men;
  • prove a contributory and non-contributory period of at least 20 years for women and 25 years for men.

born after December 31, 1948, may apply for a retirement pension upon reaching the statutory retirement age, which from October 1, 2017 is 60 for women and 65 for men.

Does the pension count towards the retirement pension? The benefit will therefore only be taken into account for these seniors

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This means that when determining the entitlement to old-age pension, ZUS will take into account the period of receiving incapacity for work after meeting two conditions, i.e. birth before January 1, 1949 and reaching the general retirement age.

The reason for the termination of the pension is also taken into account. The periods will be taken into account if the entitlement to the benefit has ceased because the ZUS certifying physician has declared the ability to work or the period for which the periodic pension was granted has expired and no application has been submitted for further entitlement to the benefit.

How do we take into account the period of receiving the disability pension? You should know about it

As we found out, the period of receiving the disability pension will be taken into account to the extent necessary to award the old-age pension. Contribution periods are taken into account first, and then any non-contributory periods (limited to 1/3 of contribution periods) are added.

What does this mean in practice? Namely, that if the amount of contributory and non-contributory periods is not sufficient to award an old-age pension to the applicant, then the periods of receiving a disability pension may be added. However, they are only taken into account when calculating the length of service, and not when calculating the amount of the old-age pension.

Source: Gazeta

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