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Are you worried about a swollen face after a night? Try natural methods to combat the problem. The effects are surprising!

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Puffiness on the face is a problem that can be noticed especially after a poor night’s sleep. Find out what are the causes of edema and what to do to minimize this unpleasant problem.

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Why is my face swollen in the morning? There are many reasons for this

on the face can be caused by many factors. These include, first of all, water accumulating in the body, allergies, hormonal problems, kidney diseases, insufficient exercise, infections, the use of certain medications, improper nutrition and alcohol abuse. If the face only swells in one place, the problem may be due to diseases of the mouth and teeth.

Swollen face after a night. What to do to get rid of the problem?

As grandmothers say, the easiest way to prevent it than is to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also important not to drink large amounts of fluids immediately before going to bed, which favor the accumulation of water in the body. For this reason, it is worth giving up meals and drinks at least one hour before going to bed. Home treatments using natural ingredients can also help:

  1. Chamomile or nettle compress. To prepare it, just brew the right number of sachets, wait for them to cool down and place them on swollen areas. You can also soak cotton pads or cotton swabs in cool tea and apply to your face.
  2. Massage with a massage roller or tied ear buds. Massaging the swollen areas is one of the most popular methods of combating swelling. It is a good idea to cool the item in the refrigerator before the procedure – it will have a better effect.
  3. Cucumber or potato wraps. Applying slices or stark vegetables to your face can help combat the problem. After several minutes, remove the product and rinse the mouth with cool water.

What to do if home remedies do not help? Don’t wait for the problem to go away by itself!

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When home remedies for removing puffiness from the face do not help, it is worth visiting a doctor who should determine the cause of the problem and propose appropriate treatment. Edema may be caused by disease, so it is important to choose the right medications.

Source: Gazeta

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