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Are you afraid that someone is watching you in the fitting room? Do a trivial nail test

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We usually associate Venetian mirrors with policemen and detectives. Their use is great in identifying the perpetrators of smaller or larger crimes, while maintaining the full anonymity of the witness. It turns out that such equipment is sometimes installed in shop fitting rooms, hotels and city toilets to allow the curious to watch. Even though they are prohibited in many countries, it is worth being cautious. In order to check if we have been deceived and our safety has been compromised, a simple nail test can be performed.

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How to check if someone is watching us in the fitting room? Take this simple test

If we feel anxious after entering the fitting room, it is worth checking if our intuition is correct and taking a test that will help determine whether we have fallen victim to voyeurs. All you need to do is place your fingernail against the mirror and check if its end is in contact with the glass. If they are separated by some distance, then everything is fine.

What to do if someone is spying on us? Be sure to notify the service!

The situation is quite different when the nail and the mirror are in full contact. This means that we are dealing with a Venetian mirror through which someone from the other side can peek at us. In this case, it is necessary to notify the store staff. Usually, such a problem concerns smaller enterprises, but it can also happen in the popular “chain store”. It should be remembered that such action may be punished on the basis of article 191a of the Criminal Code: “Whoever preserves the image of a naked person or person during sexual activity, using for this purpose against him or her using violence, unlawful threat or deception, or the image of a naked person or person disseminates during sexual activity without her consent, is punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years. “

Ways to keep the curious. How to check if someone is watching us through the mirror?

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In addition to the finger test, you can also check it in other ways.

  1. Turn on the flashlight or lamp from the phone. In the case of a Venetian mirror, it is possible to see what is on the other side.
  2. Knock lightly on the mirror. If the sound is deaf, it means you are dealing with a Venetian mirror.

Source: Gazeta

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