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“It was polite with Budka Suflera, it had nothing to do with what the wilderness with Lady Pank did after the concerts” [FRAGMENT]

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Jan Borysewicz is a fantastic guitarist, songwriter and composer, as well as a singer. For many years his name is invariably associated with Lady Pank, but he also played with, for example, Budka Suflera. And this is what the pre-premiere fragment of the river interview tells about.

Jan Borysewicz, Marcin Prokop “Jan Borysewicz. Less Stranger” (Agora Publishing House), excerpt:

Budka on tour was a polite band?

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Actually polite. If you go to drink vodka in your room after the concert, that was polite. Every band does it, because what are people supposed to do after the concerts, if they can’t go home? We were going back to the hotel, nobody wanted to sleep, so we bought vodka somewhere along the way, we drank, talked, go ahead, but it had nothing to do with what the wilderness with Lady Pank did afterwards.

In those days, artists traveled abroad in a glory of success. The scenes in the West seemed to be waiting with open arms. Meanwhile, you say that the great Budka had to earn money in pubs as a cover band?

I will say more. We played two weeks in the Netherlands, two weeks in Germany and at one point the concerts were not enough. So what was there to do? Our manager and his Dutch buddy came to the conclusion that it would be good if we could find some extra income. And the entire team, including the manager and driver, went to work on the construction site. We were working on a great church that a millionaire bought to turn into a home. For example, I was given a grinder to operate. A foreman would come and say: “Plan a piece of timber here, buddy”.

How did you know how to do this job?

There was a manager. Hammer nails here, cut nails here. And everyone did their own thing. Jurek Janiszewski, for example, was sitting in the well and digging the ground while the other was hauling it out with buckets. We watched Jurek disappear deeper and deeper under the surface, and we couldn’t help but laugh. At that time, there was a conspiracy of silence around this construction adventure. Nobody in Poland was supposed to find out what we were doing abroad. And that’s no embarrassment. I did not feel in any way disgraced that I was earning extra money as a construction worker.

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During the last pandemic, it turned out that musicians who stopped earning money on the stages had to retrain – suddenly one is a courier, the other works in a warehouse … Life. What is there to be ashamed of? There was also such a situation then, we had nothing to live on. So we made the decision to stay and give it a fuck. Thanks to this job, I bought a lot of things for my child. And chocolate, which was not available in Poland at all. The German one, with a window, with nuts. Two cardboard boxes.

You were a bit like Irena Kwiatkowska from the forty-year-old girl. A working woman who was not afraid of any work.

Not only that, I am sixty-six years old, but if there was a situation now that you would have to go to a job other than music, I will go. I do not have a problem with that. As a young boy, I went to construction sites to earn money for my mother’s medicines. I also worked in a pensioners’ home. There was a man who was well over two meters tall. I made friends with him. I was going to paint the ceiling, so I brought the ladder, damn heavy because it was all covered in paint. And he says: “Wait, I’ll help you.” And standing up, he was painting the ceiling. I was terribly sad when he said that his family threw him out of the house because he was too big.

It’s good that I survived with my height.

You are a lucky man. I urged him to go out to people. I wanted to take him to town. And we did it. Even the photos were in the newspaper, standing in a tram, folded in two.

Never went out before?

He was ashamed. Caricaturally big guy, but lovely. He was real, unhappy to be the way he is. He did nothing to anyone. Man soul. I love such people. I can talk and talk to someone like that. I am tired of energy vampires the most, even though sometimes they are really fantastic people. Just not for me. Konjo (Paweł “Konjo” Konnak (born 1966) – a poet and performer associated with the avant-garde group Totart. In the 90s he co-created the television program Lalamido), for example, this is what he is. The guy who’s been on stuff all the time. I like him very much, he is a very smart guy, but I can’t talk to him for a long time because he tires me.

Let’s go back to the trip with Budka. How much was the reality there different from what was then in Poland?

It was different at every step, there is no need to mention specific things. We also had one story that shows it best. When we finished our construction work, they bought us tickets for a Rod Stewart concert as a reward. This is the first time I have seen something like this. I had a backhoe not because of the music, but for the rest of it. People smartly dressed, with brewers, smiling, lights, apparatus – I was shocked. I looked at it and said, “I’m f *** ing down, I’m swapping the guitar for the rake. It’s unbelievable.” We were killed when we went to our tin box after the concert, in the sense of a car, at some point the gate opened and five or six limousines came out of it and one of Stewart’s musicians was sitting in each of them. Thought this was already fucking inflection.

Then your dream was born, do you want it that way?

Not a dream, just a question, why are we so f *** wo? Where are we living? We got into that tin and everyone was eating canned food for dinner. It showed where we, Poles, are in this puzzle.

Jan Borysewicz. Less alien – cover mat. press releases

Source: Gazeta

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