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Netflix’s new series is so scary people google if it’s really based on facts

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The story of “The Cannibal from Milwaukee” has inspired the creators for years. References to the criminal and his actions can be found in the songs “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and Juicy J, “Bagpipes from Baghdad” by Eminem or “Cannibal” by Kesha. In the end, it was decided to film the story of this ruthless and cruel character.

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Responsible for the production of new products from Netflix, among others Ryan Murphy, the creator of the American Horror Story series. In the lead role we will see Evan Peters, who was previously seen in “Mare of Easttown”.

The first disturbing signs were already visible in childhood.

Dahmer showed strange interests from an early age. Dead animals fascinated him. His father, who saw nothing strange in it, taught him to dismember them and preserve them in formalin. He began drinking alcohol at 14, and was a loner in high school and did not make any friends. It was then that he realized he was gay, but he didn’t share it with the rest of the world.

He later began studying at the University of Ohio, but dropped out after the first semester. In 1978 he joined the army, to which his father persuaded him. That same year, his parents divorced, and he had already murdered his first victim. However, his career in the military did not last long. Soon after, he was kicked out of there for drunkenness. Although there are also voices that he raped two soldiers there and was therefore expelled.

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He killed his first victim in 1978. The next murders were only worse

At eighteen, he strangled his first victim. He invited a hitchhiker to his home to drink alcohol. Everything was fine until the guest refused to leave. Jeffrey Dahmer slapped him over the head with a dumbbell, then began to choke him. He later masturbated over the corpse and then dismembered it. In the future, he explained that he simply “did not want him to go away”.

According to Wikipedia following the book “Jeffrey Dahmer” by Joel Norris, this dismemberment was carried out very meticulously. “Throughout the next day, he separated the tissue from the bones under the steps of his house. He packed the guts and skin in black, thick garbage bags, which he took to a landfill, and smashed the bones into tiny pieces with a hammer and scattered them in a nearby forest.”

He did not murder for a long time in the following years, but his life was not in order anyway. After being expelled from the army, he drank a lot and often lacked money for the most urgent needs. He often came back to live with his father or grandmother. He was not seeing anyone, he was very lonely. From time to time he would go to the baths where he had sex with other men, but he did not enjoy “living” sex. He started giving the lovers alcohol and sleeping pills.

The series of murders began in 1987. In the meantime, conflicts with the law have arisen

He also entered into numerous conflicts with the law. He fought or exposed himself in public. In 1986, police caught him masturbating in front of two 12-year-old boys by the river. He explained to them that he was simply urinating, but later confessed to the crime. A year later he murdered a second time.

Between 1987 and 1991, he killed sixteen men and boys. They were all Black or Asian. He got to know them at or near gay bars. Then he would invite them home, where he administered sleeping pills, for example in coffee or a drink – before or after sex – and then he choked them. He initially lured victims to his grandmother’s house, but then moved to keep his crimes a secret.

During this time, he also began to serve his sentence for harassing a thirteen-year-old, whom he invited home under the pretext of taking pictures. He went to prison in May 1989 and spent only 10 months there. However, it was after leaving prison that he murdered the most people.

It all came out in the end

The Milwaukee Cannibal might have continued to murder and torture if he hadn’t finally found a man stronger than himself. Until now, Dahmer has chosen people who are weaker than him and often come from the margins of society, thanks to which he has the ease of killing them and the certainty that few people will search for missing people.

One day he accosted three boys at a gay club and offered them a nude photo shoot at his apartment for $ 100. Only one agreed. When Dahmer tried to handcuff him in the apartment, the boy had a light in his head and he refused. The psychopath started threatening him with a knife, but Tracy Edwards – that’s the boy’s name – knew how to deal with him. He started calling him a friend and asked to be quiet. This put his vigilance to sleep.

They went to the living room and after a while the man, under the pretext of going to the toilet, got up and punched the psychopath very hard in the face. He stunned him and ran out of the house. He met the policemen on the street and told them about the whole incident. They went home, and what they saw there was beyond doubt.

Punishment for Dahmer: 957 years imprisonment. He was killed shortly after his sentence began

Law enforcement officers found in the house, among others photographs showing dismembered bodies in various stages of decay, a complete skeleton in a closet, a jar with a cut penis, or a collection of skulls painted with paint imitating plastic. Dahmer was immediately taken into custody, from which he never got out.

His trial began in January 1992. The prosecution believed that he was aware of all his crimes and could refrain from doing so. On the other hand, lawyers believed that he was insane at the time of committing the crime.

Dr. Carl Wahlstrom, who was a forensic psychiatrist, diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, alcohol dependence, and psychotic disorders. Dr. Fred Fosdel was of a different opinion, who was on trial for a cunning creature who knew exactly what he was doing. He stated that he had no sadistic tendencies, but a sexual preference disorder.

Ultimately, he was convicted of only 15 murders, as the total punishment he had to serve began to approach 1,000 years. After the sentence, he said that the murders were not committed out of hatred, but because of mental disorders. However, shortly thereafter, in 1994, a serial killer was killed.

He was in solitary confinement at the beginning of his sentence because people feared for his life. After a year, he himself asked to be transferred to the general block. Soon after, while cleaning the bathroom, the guard was gone and killed by the schizophrenic Christopher Scarver. He attacked the head of Dahmer and another prisoner with the rod. Transported to hospital, they died quickly. In prison, calls were made not to call Scraver a “hero” because it was murder after all.

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