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The Cathedral of Valencia denounces a vandalism attack on its Romanesque door: they destroy a capital

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The Valencia Cathedral has denounced the partial destruction of one of the 13th-century capitals of the Romanesque façade of La Seo and has pointed out that, “presumably”, as the small column is free, it has been torn from the capital and has “disappeared”.

The Metropolitan Council has brought these facts to the attention of the General Directorate of Heritage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Heritage Protection Group of the regional police, as confirmed by the Archbishopric of Valencia in a statement.

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Is about the last of the scenes represented in this “magnificent” monumental complex, the first from the right side. The capital contains two episodes from the Old Testament separated by a small column, specifically two moments in the life of Moses: The institution of the Judges of Israel and the Delivery of the Tablets of the Law.

What has been destroyed is the small column that separates these two scenes. Alsothe lack of this element is “obvious” to the naked eye, according to the Archbishopric, which points out that, “presumably”, since the small column was exempt, it was torn from the capital and has “disappeared”.

The conservative canon of the Heritage of the Cathedral, José Verdeguer, explained that as soon as the Metropolitan Council became aware of these events “He contacted the corresponding authorities to clarify these facts.”

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The Romanesque door of the Cathedral, known as de l’Almoina or del Palau, it is an “extraordinary historical and artistic example of the 13th century”. Its patrimonial and identity value for the Valencians, in addition, is “immense”, the Archbishopric has highlighted.

Source: Lasexta

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