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The first changes of the queen consort Camilla: The wife of Carlos III does not want the help of the company ladies that her mother-in-law had for more than 60 years and will eliminate this role

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The express wish of Queen Elizabeth II was very personal and direct with respect to the wife of her son Carlos. That Camilla Parker Bowles became the queen consort made it public and part of her “will”. And after the death of the monarch, the former Duchess of Cornwall plans changes that modernize the royal family of the United Kingdom.

The traditions that have been maintained in royalty for hundreds of years do not change from one day to the next. However, the airs of modernity of today can be accommodating the ways of life rooted in the members of the Windsor.

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And it is precisely the legacies of the wife of the Duke of Edinburgh, is what Camilla wants to do differently and in small doses, in an attempt to give her personal touch and simplify some conditions that for years fell on other people.

Queen consort Camilla does not want bridesmaids and will not appoint any

Royal life is no stranger to Camilla Parker Bowles. She has been the wife of then Prince Charles for 17 years and at her premiere as queen consort, it is expected that she will want to make changes that make a difference to what Queen Elizabeth did in her lifetime.

The Mirror recalled that the loyal bridesmaids who accompanied Her Majesty for more than 60 years were present at her funeral wearing their black dresses and hats, giving the last goodbye.

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The English newspaper claimed that the group of ladies were more than the staff of the royal palace, as they became the trusted friends of Queen Elizabeth.

A royal expert, Marlene Koening, pointed out that she has information that “there will be positions that will no longer be filled” and those will be the positions that the monarch did not hire, but appointed as loyal servants.

For decades, Isabel had a team of women who were dedicated to choosing her dresses, helping her bathe and dress, as well as scheduling her public and family events, in addition to many other details of her daily life.

The functions of these ladies were until the end of Elizabeth’s days, so it is expected that a couple of women who are already 80 years old, will retire from their functions, after the death of the queen.

The royal historian assured that with the arrival of Camilla it will be the end of the role of the escort ladies, because like some other members of the British royal family, she will not use these assistants in her daily tasks.

Regarding these ladies, she pointed out that Camilla has never wanted to have this service at her disposal. “She has never had, even as the Duchess of Cornwall, an official maid of honor,” she said, referring to the fact that she only had a former secretary named Angela Macusani, who was never officially named.

a job forever

From 1953 to 2017, Elizabeth II appointed 9 women as her ladies-in-waiting, whose origins were from aristocratic families in the United Kingdom.

They did not have an established salary, their work commitment went beyond a rudimentary job, since the philosophy was to serve the queen for life.

That loyalty did not have a price and therefore they could not resign, after taking an oath that translated into absolute fidelity to His Majesty. (AND)

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