Boris Izaguirre, writer and television presenter, had the privilege of meeting Luis Miguel in person during the wedding of Dani Clara, son of the famous Spanish designer Rosa Clará, in Paris.

The opportunity to speak with the mysterious artist was a unique experience for Izaguirre, who shared the details of their encounter in an interview with Poty Castillo on Show Business TV.

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The meeting between Boris Izaguirre and Luis Miguel

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During the wedding, Boris Izaguirre and the Mexican singer had the opportunity to talk and get to know each other a little better. According to Izaguirre, the singer was very kind and told him: “I know perfectly well who you are.” The conversation was pleasant and fun, and he declared that “we both love it.”

The journalist was also impressed by the charismatic personality of Luis Miguel, whom he saw as an expert in his work and in the entertainment world in general, which can sometimes be intimidating to other people in the industry.

In addition, Izaguirre emphasized that he is an educated man and that he knows exactly what his audience feels, which is reflected in the way he interprets his songs at concerts, People en Español reported.

The influence of love

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The Venezuelan also suggested that the good character of the artist at the wedding was due to his new romance with the Spaniard Paloma Cuevas. “It speaks to Luis Miguel’s state of mind,” he said during the interview.

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And for this courtship of the interpreter of “La incondicionala” and the Spanish designer, Boris said that it seemed like an interesting love story. And, although he did not go into details, it can be concluded that the writer was impressed by the relationship between the two.

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