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Shortly before the premiere of the new album, Pezet releases a new single “Ton ± cy”

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So far, the upcoming album has been promoted by four singles. A little over a week before the premiere, Pezet decided to share another premiere song with the fans.

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“Drowning” is the fifth single announcing “Commercial Music”

Auer is responsible for the production of the song, and this is how Pezet described it in an Instagram post:

“Drowning” is, in my opinion, a text about my generation, people who had to fight for the future, often for mundane things, for some greater material resources, because no one gave it to us at the start. Wherever we go, we always have the back of our heads to go back there. Nevertheless, two wolves fight a bit in us, because at the same time we despise people who do everything only for money and money itself as well. Such are the slowly aging rapists with a remnant of an anti-system, a bit of a punk worldview. And in all of this, as usual, a female-male story in the background, or perhaps a lot of such stories should be told. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

The previous single, which will also be on the new album, is the song “One świat” recorded with Natali Szroeder. The song was created as part of the “Mastercard Music” campaign, which aims to create non-obvious duets, in which each of the performers represents a separate musical world. The first edition of the action was attended by Sobel and sanah, who presented the song “Hello, how are you?” To the world.

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The above-mentioned album entitled Commercial Music will contain many stories of rap music for sale or the ubiquitous pushing of boundaries in the music world at every level. As the artist himself says: “(…) it is something that has ceased to fit into my subjective framework of good taste.” The premiere of the album is on September 30.

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Source: Gazeta

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