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It costs less than PLN 2 and gives the hair effect like after visiting a hairdresser. It only takes a few minutes

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One could write a lot about the use of products that we have at home in home hair care. A lot of space has already been devoted to potato flour, oils and essential oils, now it is time for a measure that is more often associated with cleaning. We present a hair treatment that you will perform with the use of citric acid. The effects you will get are really great.

Homemade chelating mask. Hair will regain its softness and former shine

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Most of us use hard water every day, which adversely affects not only the condition of the kettles, but also the appearance and condition of the hair. Minerals present in hard water like to settle on the hair, ordinary shampoos cannot remove them. The accumulated sediment prevents the nutrients contained in care cosmetics from reaching the hair, it also has a negative effect on the condition of the strands – the hair becomes coarse, dry and dull.

In order to get rid of the mineral build-up, chelation treatment is worthwhile. You will not need any specifics for it, just an ordinary hair conditioner (preferably without silicones) and products that can be found in almost every home.

hair care Emilija Randjelovic / istock.com

How to prepare a homemade chelating mask? Step by step recipe

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Ingredients needed to perform the chelation procedure:

  • 3 tablespoons of conditioner or hair mask – preferably free from silicones and ingredients that stick to the hair;
  • half a teaspoon of citric acid;
  • 1 tablet of vitamin C.

The vitamin C tablet should be crushed, and then mixed together with the citric acid and nutrient. We apply the homemade mixture to washed hair for at least a few minutes. Remember to keep a distance from the scalp – the acid present in the mask may irritate it. After a few or a dozen or so minutes, wash the mask off the hair, it is good then to apply another conditioner or mask on it. Its ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair, leaving it soft and full of shine.

Home hair treatment. A few minutes is enough for the strands to regain their former glow

You can buy vitamin C in almost any drugstore or pharmacy for a few zlotys. One package of citric acid costs about PLN 2.50, and it is enough for several uses. The cost of a home chelating treatment will not be higher than a few zlotys.

After the chelation treatment, hair will be soft and shiny, and it will gain light volume. The mask with the addition of citric acid should be used once every few weeks or months, depending on individual needs.

Source: Gazeta

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