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After her debut, she was hailed as “the Polish Brigitte Bardot”.  She said that she did not play ambitious roles because of her beauty

After her debut, she was hailed as “the Polish Brigitte Bardot”. She said that she did not play ambitious roles because of her beauty

Irena Karel is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the People’s Republic of Poland. After her debut on the screen, she was hailed as “Polish Brigitte Bardot”, but she believed that her beauty deprived her of ambitious roles. She could not complain about success with men. When she finally settled her feelings, tragedy struck.

Irena Karel is a graduate of the Warsaw theater school, which she successfully graduated in 1964. In the same year, she started working at the Komedia Theater in Warsaw, with which she was associated for 15 years. She made her screen debut in Jerzy Stefan Stawiński’s The Penguin.

For the filmmakers, beauty was her asset. Karel believed that her appearance hindered her career

After her debut, the reviewers were delighted not so much with her acting as with her extraordinary beauty. Her figure and impeccable facial features were mentioned, which made her quickly hailed as “Polish” or “the sunshine of the People’s Republic of Poland”, as the famous film critic Wiesław Kot used to call her. Although many of her colleagues envied her success, she was not satisfied. She knew she was in the drawer. — And maybe if I had freckles or even an upturned nose, my acting life would have turned out completely differently. Maybe I would play the roles of smart, sensitive, interesting girls, and not just pretty girls who can just be dressed and photographed like models? — in an interview many years later. While she was undoubtedly talented, she was usually given seductress roles. Nevertheless, she did everything to stay in the memory of viewers. Noteworthy are her acting creations in such productions as “Wilcze Echo”, “Rzeczpospolita Babska” or “Nie ma Mocnych”. In the meantime, she also performed in many cabarets, e.g. Dudek, ZAKR or Jan Tadeusz Stanisławski. She was also successful in modeling, and her face appeared on the covers of popular magazines.

Karel had many admirers. After parting, one of the lovers tried to take his own life

Because of her beauty, Karel could not complain about success with men. There was always a wreath of admirers around her. Her charms were admired by or , who became interested in her when she was a student. A few years later, they played together in the movie “Poradnik matrymonialny” and only then did they become lovers. They did not hide this relationship, despite the fact that the artist was married and had children. After a few months together, they broke up without regrets. It was also loud about her affair with , who after parting tried to commit suicide by taking a handful of pills, but thanks to the quick intervention of doctors, he was saved.

How I love, passionately. And since the heat burns, I got burned, but I don’t regret anything

— in the biography “Life has surpassed me.”

In the early 1970s, Karel found the love of her life. Zygmunt Samosiuk caught her attention on the set of the film “November Day”. Initially, she was only friends with the operator, she wanted to help him get out of the snares of alcohol addiction, but eventually they became passionate. Four years later, the couple got married and although they wanted to start a family, their husband’s addiction made it impossible. Soon after, she decided to go to the USA for a while, hoping that her husband would decide to go to therapy during her absence. However, that did not happen. During the last telephone conversation, she informed him that she was extending her stay. A few days later Samosiuk died. she couldn’t forgive herself for dying alone. Distraught, she disappeared from the industry for several years. She returned to acting only in 1988. Currently, Irena Karel shuns show business and rarely appears on the screen.

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