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The waitress revealed ways to make large tips. Some are controversial. “Always blame the kitchen”

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The waitress from Hooters shared her tips on getting better tips. She emphasized that it is not always about the appearance, but above all about nice and subtle interactions with customers. She shared her observations on TikToku.

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Keep your appearance neat and keep your glasses full at all times

The waitress reveals that customers notice when you put effort into your work and when you look nice and tidy, so it’s worth trying. In addition, he advises that w in particular, we should ensure that customers’ glasses are always full. As he admits, people are impatient, so it’s best to replenish them on a regular basis, even when they are only half empty.

Create a bond with the customer and make them feel special, and more likely to leave a tip

The next trick may seem controversial. The girl reveals a nice conversation as well When you approach your customers sensitively, you always get better tips. She ensures that her method works reliably and creates a bond between her and the guests that makes them more likely to leave more money.

I always say, Hey baby, can I give you another drink ?, Hey baby, do you want another beer? Hey sun, are you ready for that check?

When serving a couple, talk mainly to the woman

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The girl also mentioned the rules we should follow when serving a couple at an important meeting or date. When the man is sitting at the table, he always greets the woman first and directs her attention towards her and makes eye contact. The only time she is looking at a man is when she takes an order from him or serves a drink. As he suggests:

Always make the girl feel comfortable

In case of problems, blame someone else

The waitress mentions that it’s worth a lot of laughs. Her next advice is quite controversial – in the event of a mishap, he always blames . Even if the fault is on her side, because, for example, she forgot to order. As part of the conflict alleviation offers free dessertto creep into the client’s favor again. Finally, she advises you to have fun, or at least pretend you are.

The video has its next parts.

Source: Gazeta

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