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Krzysztof Ibisz is the king of television.  What programs did he run?  The best can name only 8

Krzysztof Ibisz is the king of television. What programs did he run? The best can name only 8

Krzysztof Ibisz is one of the most popular presenters on Polish television. Over the years of his career on the small screen, he hosted many different entertainment programs. Do you remember all the ones he hosted?

is one of the most recognizable faces in the domestic show business. The presenter has worked out a stable position in the industry for over 30 years of his career, becoming the undisputed star of Polish television. He has numerous hosts on his account. Let’s recall the most popular productions with his participation.

He made his debut on TVP. What programs did Krzysztof Ibisz run?

The beginnings of his professional path date back to 1993. It was then that he got a job in Polish Television as the host of the cult program for children and youth “5-10-15” and “Klub Yuppies”. He quickly gained the sympathy of viewers, and his popularity grew every year. In the following years, he led “Czar couples”, “Pomidora”, “Friends”, “Talks of Jedynki” and “Studio Jedynki”. In the meantime, he also started working as an advisor to the president for programming in the now defunct TV Wisła.

After 4 years of intensive cooperation with TVP, Ibisz moved to a rival television. At TVN, he created and produced the game show “Wszystko or nothing” loved by viewers, strengthening his position in the industry. Then he led such shows as “Ibisz stars, music”, “Ibisekcja”, “Become a Star” or “Rush of gold”. He ended his cooperation with the station in May 2000.

He spread his wings in Polsat. Today Ibisz is a great star of Polish television

Shortly after the contract with TVN was terminated, he started working with Polsat. He has been associated with the station for over 23 years, he hosted numerous shows that made him a real star and one of the most popular Polish presenters. He was the host of “Bar”, “Two Worlds”, “Fighting for Money”, “Chance of a Lifetime”, “Russian Roulette” or “Blind Games”. It was Polsat that boosted his career and helped him spread his wings. In the following years, he also hosted a popular game show on TV4, “Where is Liar?”. In turn, in Super Polsat he hosted “Joker” and “Bounty Hunter”.

It must be admitted that the star of Ibisza has not been extinguished for many years. It is impossible to list all the programs in which he appeared. Only in recent years has he appeared in “How they sing”, “On and on” or “Understanding a woman”, broadcast on Polsat Café, and “Demakijaż”, in which he conducts difficult interviews with the stars.

Source: Gazeta

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