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Colorful, patterned and go-getting.  The trend from the 70s is back!  This manicure is the essence of the holiday

Colorful, patterned and go-getting. The trend from the 70s is back! This manicure is the essence of the holiday

Creative, optimistic and go-getting manicure from the 70s comes back to us with a bang. It is colourful, energetic and will enliven summer stylizations phenomenally. Such nails are the quintessence of long holiday days full of freedom and fun and will win the hearts of lovers of expressive colors

swirl nails, otherwise wavy gained popularity in the 70s and reigned among the hippie environment. A few years ago, he won the hearts of Instagram and TikTok users, falling in love with his creative pattern full of colors. This season it returns to us, delighting with its originality and optimism. Such nails will be perfect for lovers of expressive colors and colors who want to experiment with unusual and creative patterns. Swirl nails eye-catching and will add life and shine to summer stylizations. They are crazy and fun, which is also the essence of the holiday.

Swirl nails in a minimalist edition. A delicate pattern for those who appreciate the classics

Let’s start with a delicate pattern for those of you who are still unsure. In this nail inspiration we can see subtle waves on the nails of the middle and ring fingers. They are painted with yellow varnish on the base color in a shade of natural pink. Swirl nails in this style, it beautifully diversifies the other nails kept in a uniform yellow color. This version will work for all of us who appreciate classic and minimalism in manicure.

A twisted matte manicure. Patterned and colorful nails attract the eye

The next version has a stunning matte finish. The nails are again covered with a base pink varnish in a shade similar to the natural color of the plate. There are multi-colored swirls painted on it. Turquoise is a strong accent here. Next to it is yellow, which smoothly turns into pink. These nails are eye-catching! Feel free to experiment with other favorite colors.

Candy swirl nails are perfect for the holidays. Creative manicure is a summer hit

My last suggestion is marbled swirl nails maintained in a multi-colored range of colors. The wavy pattern covers the entire nail plate. Manicure includes shades of pink, green, fillet, yellow and orange. Candy colors are optimistic and energetic. This manicure is one of the bolder ones, but it is worth giving it a chance and get carried away by the holiday fun.

Source: Gazeta

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