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Clean the mirror with this.  You will forget about streaks and evaporation forever

Clean the mirror with this. You will forget about streaks and evaporation forever

It is one of the most popular vegetables that can be found in practically every Polish home. What are we talking about? About a potato that can be used not only when preparing dishes.

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Certainly, each of us has once eaten delicious fries, mashed potatoes or new potatoes with dill. It turns out that this useful vegetable is very versatile not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom or hall. I decided to try one of the methods of cleaning the mirror with a potato. The effect was simply stunning! Check out how to do this simple trick.

I washed the mirror with this vegetable. The effect was dazzling

Although it sounds a bit abstract, a potato can really help in cleaning and impregnating the mirror. Why is this happening? The vegetable has a useful starch in its composition, which protects the glass against evaporation and irritating streaks.

I took the biggest potato out of the bag and washed it thoroughly. Then I cut the vegetable and one of the halves thoroughly greased the entire surface of the mirror. The next step was to remove the potato juice from the glass with a paper towel, but that’s not all.

For the most satisfactory effect, after performing the above-mentioned steps, you should thoroughly polish the mirror using a microfiber cloth or very soft paper. And done. The mirror will shine, and with the next showers, steam should not settle on its surface. The undoubted advantage of this trick is its simplicity and price, which can be even less than a zloty.

Clean the mirror, but also other surfaces. Universal way

The presented method can be safely applied to other surfaces as well. Potato can also be used to polish glass furniture or car windows, and they will be clean and resistant to smudges.

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