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They sent Kasia Stankiewicz to Zapendowska because she “tears roofing paper”.  Zapendowska’s reaction: Child, wypie’*h’dalaj

They sent Kasia Stankiewicz to Zapendowska because she “tears roofing paper”. Zapendowska’s reaction: Child, wypie’*h’dalaj

Kasia Stankiewicz with the band Varius Manx started performing as a teenager, freshly after graduating from high school. As she laughed herself, during the first performances and concerts on stage she appeared in dungarees and was carried away with such energy that she felt that she could move objects with her voice alone. She heard that she “can’t sing” and had to meet Ela Zapendowska. The specialist told her in short words what she thought.

Kasia Stankiewicz joined the Varius Manx team in 1996. She was 18 at the time and had just won an episode of “Chances for Success” dedicated to the group. As she herself recalled on the occasion of the band’s 30th anniversary, at the very beginning she was featherless, and although she was full of energy and sang hard, someone suggested her a visit to a voice emission specialist, Elżbieta Zadęwska, because she really “can’t sing”. The reaction of the famous juror of “Idol” after hearing the young singer was excellent.

They sent Kasia Stankiewicz to Zapendowska: Child, you have an awesome vocal

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Varius Manx band, Kasia Stankiewicz posted on her Instagram profile a series of archival photos from the beginning of her career and a few anecdotes from those times. One of them relates to the training of her vocal technique.

“At concerts I am so full of energy that I can move objects with my voice. Even then I sang hard and loud, which according to some was ‘tearing roofing paper’. Plus those dungarees. ‘An idol cannot look like this!’ – begins a short introduction to the story of meeting the famous Elżbieta Zapendowska, who in the mid-1990s was well known in the industry, but the audience was to discover her colorful personality only a few years later, when she became a juror of the vocal program “Idol”. “I hear: ‘You know what, Kasia, you can’t sing. You have a number here, go to the lady, she will teach you’ Idê. The lady’s name is Ela Zapendowska” – he continues the story.

During the meeting, Ela Zapendowska asked the singer, of course, to sing something to her and present her possibilities. She did not have to wait long for the verdict of a specialist famous for not mincing words and saying what she thinks straight out of the blue:

You know what, you have a healthy, awesome vocal, fuck off and don’t come back here again.

“I fucked it up” – Stankiewicz summed up briefly. Recall that the singer joined the band after Anita Lipnicka left. The new line-up of the group entered the recording studio and together they recorded the album “Ego”, which turned out to be an extremely popular release. The first single that heralded success was the hit “Eagle Shadow”. Eventually, the album went gold and multi-platinum. Kasia Stankiewicz from Varius Manx performed until 2000, and then continued her solo career. At that time, the band collaborated with three other singers: Monika Kuszyńska, Anna Józefina Lubieniecka and Edyta Kuczyńska. In 2015, on the occasion of the jubilee, the band invited Stankiewicz to play together again, and after a successful concert tour, the group joined forces for good.

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