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500 plus for a senior.  ZUS will pay the supplement only with this declaration

500 plus for a senior. ZUS will pay the supplement only with this declaration

People who meet several conditions may apply for an additional PLN 500 every month. This amount will be paid by the Social Insurance Institution and not only seniors can receive it. What should I do to add extra cash to my home budget? We suggest.

In some cases, you can apply for extra cash, which the Social Insurance Institution will pay to anyone who meets several conditions. This money is usually received by seniors, but any adult person can apply for it. What should be done to obtain the supplementary benefit for people unable to live independently known as ?

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so-called 500 plus for a senior. However, anyone can apply for it

The supplementary benefit for people incapable of independent existence is colloquially known as 500 plus for seniors, because it is this group that receives it most often. However, anyone who is over 18 and has met the following conditions can apply for additional money from ZUS. If you are in this race of people, be sure to submit an application and other necessary documents to receive the benefit.

What conditions must be met in order to receive a supplementary benefit for persons unable to live independently?

  • be incapable of work and independent existence, which is confirmed by a relevant decision,
  • Do not receive any benefits financed from public funds, such as old-age or disability pension, or receive them, but in the amount not exceeding PLN 2,157.80 gross;
  • You must live in Poland;
  • You must have Polish citizenship or the right of residence or permanent residence in Poland if you are a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union or the European Free Trade Agreement.

It is worth noting, however, that even if the above conditions are met, you may not receive the benefit. This applies to persons who are temporarily arrested or serving a prison sentence. so-called However, 500 plus for seniors is available to those who are serving a prison sentence in the electronic monitoring system.

PLN 500 every month, but not for everyone. Some will get less

The supplementary benefit for persons incapable of independent existence is paid monthly by the Social Insurance Institution. Income threshold entitling you to apply for the so-called 500 plus for seniors in 2022 was PLN 1,896.13 gross, and from March 1, 2023, it is PLN 2,157.80 gross. However, not everyone will receive the full benefit. every month it will go to the accounts of persons whose sum of other benefits does not exceed PLN 1,657.80 gross. In other cases, the “PLN for PLN” principle will be applied.

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