American rapper Kanye Westalso called Ye, sued the photographer, accusing him of assault, abuse and neglectafter the artist threw his cell phone on the ground in a confrontation that took place last January in California.

In the lawsuit, obtained from TMJNichol Lechmanik points out she was terrified that he would chase her after she threw her phone at him. In addition, the rapper allegedly searched his pockets as well, which the photographer states that he feared that West might have been carrying a weapon.

The incident began after West realized that several photographers was followed after attending his daughter North West’s basketball game, with his partner Bianca Censori.

The video shows the artist approaching the photographer while she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car, recording on her phone and shouting: “You shouldn’t have run over me like that!”. Ye told him, “If I say stop, stop with your cameras.” He then snatched the phone from her hands and threw it away.

The entire situation was recorded on video by Lechmanik’s business partner, who was filming from the passenger seat. The woman claims that the encounter left her traumatized and humiliated, and yes lost income because he could not return to his profession of photographing celebrities.

Lechmanik filed a report with the sheriff’s department later on the day of the incident.

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The lawsuit seeks “general, special and punitive damages”said attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the photographer, and who also wants a court order preventing Ye from touching, harassing or threatening not only her, but any photographer.

Initially, the rapper was named a suspect in the investigation of the incident, but it ended without charges. (AND)