The beauty of the Ecuadorian woman goes hand in hand with the versatility, elegance and comfort provided by the Venus casual footwear line, the official sponsor of the Miss Ecuador 2023 pageant, whose pageant will be held on July 1 in the city of Santo Domingo.

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As part of this alliance, the national brand invited 23 candidates to the Plasticaucho Industrial factory, where they learned how the shoes that have accompanied Ecuadorians at every step of their lives for almost 90 years are created.

Photo: Jaime Jaramillo

“We are honored to be able to promote different initiatives that strengthen the pride of Ecuador, such as Miss Ecuador, a pageant where we have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the country,” said Xavier Cuesta, General Manager of Plasticaucho. Industrial.

Before visiting the factory, which is located in Ambat, in the province of Tungurahua, the candidates for the national crown organized a parade. Walking down the catwalk, each of the contestants showed the comfort and lightness provided by national footwear.

“I found them very comfortable and of excellent quality, which is why they have excellent results at the national and international level,” said Arlette Cuvi, representative of the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Other candidates, such as María Belén Jaramillo, the candidate for Pastaza, agreed with this. “They are comfortable and beautiful, and what stands out the most is that they are made in Ecuador,” said a young woman who is a volunteer at the Pachamama Foundation, which is in charge of environmental protection.

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For her part, Alejandra López, a participant from Imbabura, indicated that Venus shoes provide “comfort and safety when walking. In addition, they are spectacular and comfort is one hundred percent guaranteed”.

The candidates’ creations belong to the new Venus Urbano line, which includes chelsea boots, ideal for rainy days; the sneakers casual for daily use; and bronxthat offer comfort and style.

Entering the Plasticaucho Industrial factory, whose leading product is the various models of Venus shoes, the girls got to know the production processes and quality standards of the company’s entire portfolio.

Photo: Jaime Jaramillo

According to its directors, the company has invested in automation and state-of-the-art technology to guarantee production processes with the highest quality standards, starting from the careful selection of raw materials to exhaustive controls at every stage. “We are a brand that seeks innovation and quality in the products we offer, which is why we have made strong investments in top-of-the-line machinery and technology that allow us to be present outside the country,” Cuesta said.

Since 1999, Venus has been competing – with good results – in the markets of Peru and Colombia. “We have an option for every occasion and every taste. We do this keeping in mind our consumers, both abroad and in the country, with the highest quality standards”, said Patricio Toro, Commercial Director of Plasticaucho Industrial.

During the tour, the young woman was guided by the manager of the Ambato factory, Sebastián Echeverría, who commented that at the beginning of classes, both on the coast and in the Sierra, they make between 150,000 and 194,000 shoes, which are the seasons of greatest production.

267 people work in the factory, with 8,000 of them directly and indirectly part of the Venus family. Daily production in Ambat reaches 33,000 shoes.

In the coming days, Venus will present the Venus after Beauty Route campaign, which consists of following the candidates for Miss Ecuador on each of the tours in Ecuador, promoting the most important beauty pageant in the country and confirming their commitment to the promotion of the national industry, through projects that allow the promotion of Ecuadorian talent and beauty.