After his debut in the International Festival of Living Arts Loja last November, and as another proposal to the children’s day, arrives in Guayaquil Mooch the magnificent, a children’s opera written by Lauren Bernoffsky and directed by Luisa Cuesta.

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The work shows how music can be made visible through the body, allowing the spectators to appreciate the dramatic body mime, song, photography and painting through lighting.

Mooch ‘The Magnificent’ stages a panorama where the Fear, confinement and disconnection from nature take sides in some cities around the world. The residents decide to lock themselves in glass, as the vegetation has grown. “You feel the fear of animals and the fear of what is wild. But Mooch is a foreign girl looking for a home where she can work with all her knowledge and sympathy.”describes Cuesta.

‘Mooch the Magnificent’, a children’s opera that brings together some stage elements.

This is how this mechanical genius arrives at engineer Spinks’ zoo, where he discovers that the animals are robots called zoomatics. The intrepid Mooch decides to reprogram the robots to act like wild animals so they want to explore nature. “Mooch is coming to revolutionize this and change this whole incarceration mentality”.

The director claims the work carries a message for all ages: “Let’s go out and explore, let’s leave cell phones and computer screens behind for a while. In addition to all the art that can be seen through the screens, we also have nature, that is the mother inspiration for all arts. Always going back to nature is like going back to the roots of humanity.” says Cost.

‘Mooch the Magnificent’, a children’s opera that brings together some stage elements. Photo: Courtesy

While the staging is minimalistic, but dynamic. “The play of light enhances everything, the costumes are beautiful, the make-up. Everything is well taken care of so that all technical elements are at the same level.” it’s noticable.

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The show will feature the participation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra ‘José Joaquín de Olmedo’, directed by the teacher Manuel Campos. The cast includes the soprano Olga Vresca, the soprano Karen Bohorquez, the baritone Israel Lalama, the tenor Francisco Ortega, tenor Ovid Parra and the actor Daniel cave (narrator).

A proposal that somehow brings the youngest closer to the fascinating world of opera. “That his first opera is not one that lasts two and a half hours, and that it may be a theme that is not suitable for children. It is really a work to start with artistic appreciation”, mentions.

‘Mooch the Magnificent’, a children’s opera that brings together some stage elements.

“This work shows that music and art can be the best gift we can give to the little ones in the housesowing values ​​of respect and love for the environment in which they live”.

Mooch ‘The Magnificent’ is scheduled to present this Thursday, June 1 at 6 p.min the Main Theater of the Theater Center of the Arts. Tickets are for sale at Ticketshow for an amount of $40 (VIP), $30 (Lower Stalls), $20 (High Hall).