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Why is there no “Clan”?  TVP ends its broadcasts earlier than planned

Why is there no “Clan”? TVP ends its broadcasts earlier than planned

TVP stopped broadcasting the premiere episodes of “Klan”, which raises serious concerns about the further fate of the cult series. But other items, such as “M jak miłość” or “Colours of happiness” also disappeared from the schedule. The strategy of public television is commented on by an internal informant and reveals what is next for flagship productions.

is the longest-running daily series on Polish television, which viewers have been following since September 22, 1997. The cult production has been on the air for 26 years, but the public broadcaster ended the broadcast of the filmed episodes before the usual holiday break. Viewers are worried about the fate of the series, especially since there have been reports of declining viewership of the production.

Why isn’t Klan on TV?

Premiere episodes of “Klan”, which have been broadcast from Monday to Friday at 17.55, no longer appear on TVP. This is worrying as it is known that the series lost about 100,000 viewers in the 2022/23 season. While a year ago new episodes were watched by an average of 1.09 million people, now only 990,000 receivers were turned on in the same band. viewers – Virtual Media. At the peak of popularity, “Klan” was watched by up to 10 million people – the jump is big. Some of the viewers began to fear that TVP might decide to end the production. Such was the fate of “Plebania” once.

The language at the source was consulted by the service and has good news for readers. TVP does not intend to end the cult series – the public broadcaster simply accelerated the summer break, and not only in the case of “Klan”. The premiere episodes of such productions as “M jak miłość”, “Colours of happiness”, “On the signal”, “Father Mateusz”, “Commissioner Alex”, “Va banque”, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Words play” have also ended. Crossword”.

According to the informer Rumor, work on the new episodes of “Klan” is already underway, and the effects of the film crew’s work will be seen by the viewers in the fall. The authorities of TVP, despite the declining viewership, are satisfied with the results of the series – as it turns out, decision makers understand that market dynamics are changing:

Times have changed. Every production that is on the air for a long time has less viewership every year. Today, in the era of streaming, series no longer collect millions of viewers in front of the TV. Almost a million viewers for a production that is not high-budget and has been on TVP for 26 years is a very good result. Often productions with much less seniority are doing much worse. You have to enjoy what is.

– The program director, after discussing with the president of TVP, saw no other option but to extend the contract with the production for the next season of “Klan”. Better what we know and is certain. New episodes of the series are therefore scheduled on TVP1 for the last week of August – emphasizes the source of Rumor. According to the informant, ending the production of “Klan” would be too risky for TVP. There is no guarantee that a new series broadcast at the same time would attract more or even the same number of viewers, and the costs would be incomparably higher. Public television was similarly burned when “Plebania” was taken off the air – then “Galeria” appeared in the place of the series, which did not catch on with the viewers at all.

Source: Gazeta

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